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Personal Driving Services takes the anxiety and stress out of the planning of a road trip.

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We invite you to take a tour of our new website and discover why Personal Driving Services should be the only choice for your transportation needs. Because many of our clients are from the entertainment industry, Personal Driving Services provides a star quality lifestyle service for all of our clients. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by offering you exceptional service around the globe and we’re always striving to do more. The relationship begins with customer service utilizing industry leading technology. PDS provides global, convenient and responsive, service you need around the clock. Through utilizing experienced reservation specialists, dispatchers, and an online booking system, our commitment is to make sure you arrive at your destination safely and on time.

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Long Distance Driving

A personal driver exists to do one thing: get you from point A to point B in one piece. Do you pay someone to drive you around? Then you have a private chauffeur.
You live in Santa Monica; you get a new job in New York, San Francisco or Miami and you don’t like to drive, but you would like to enjoy the scenery. You’re a senior citizen; you and your spouse want to go to Las Vegas for the weekend but don’t like to fly or take a taxi upon arrival; maybe you just love your car but driving through the desert frightens you. Personal Driving Services is your solution. One of our experienced drivers can allow you to enjoy the scenery and maintain the confidence that comes with the use of your own vehicle.
Focus on enjoying your trip we’ll take care of the rest.

Long Distance Driving Services
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You may wonder: what does the “Personal” in Personal Driving Services stand for? Well, it stands for personable. Our staff is warm, friendly and focused on providing top-notch individualized service. We care about your care. We have a passion for our jobs and infuse it into every interaction we have with our customers. In a world that seems to be increasingly cold and automated, we appreciate and focus on what the human element can provide. We promote and foster close and respectful relationships with our customers, because Personal Driving Services knows that each person has their own unique set of wants and needs. And the personable aim to please.

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Long Distance Driving Options


Long distance driving from one state to another for relocation, business, or travel.


Not leaving the state but need to drive across the state. Personal Driving Services can drive you.


When entering an RV at the pickup location and does not exit the RV until you arrive at your destination.


Traveling to a location you’ve dreamed of but the drive was too long or couldn’t do it. Let’s us do the long drive.


Relocating or retiring to a new residence and the drive is to demanding. Personal Driving Services will handle the drive.

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