A Special 4th of July 

In a country currently defined by deep schisms and harmful rhetoric, it’s very important for everyone to remember the core tenets of this great nation. This 4th of July go to AmericaFest. You should go to this great, family-friendly atmosphere not only to celebrate your day off and your opportunity to be with your family, you should celebrate what make’s this nation great. True patriotism isn’t about wearing an American Flag tank top and watching fireworks while eating a hot dog. Instead, true patriotism is about taking a moment to remember American values. However, it’s important to remember America’s imperfections. We have to constantly criticize and seek improvement for our country to be truly great. So take a moment as you enter the Rosebowl, take a moment and remember what America is truly about.

AmericaFest gives attendees will get to dine on classic American food while they watch a dynamic motorcycle stunt show performance. Earlier in the day kids will be able to play on a variety of blow-up rides, and play games. Head over at 2pm if you want to snag the best seats, but know that fireworks don’t get started till around 9. Additional event details can be found right here. Parking itself will run you about $20, while tickets will be $15- $30.