How it all started

My name is William Kraus (Bill), and I am the President and Founder of Personal Driving Services. I was inspired to create this business after I was asked to transport an elderly, 88-year-old woman, to a family wedding. She had recently fallen and needed specialized assistance. After this trip, the idea of starting this business came to me.

My vision was to create a world-class travel service with luxury, privacy, a concierge experience, and personalization. We strive to maintain the highest standards through a network of national/international affiliates which allows us to offer a consistently high level of service.

At Personal Driving Services, our goal is to build relationships with our clients by first understanding their needs and preferences. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our mantra “We drive your car or you can ride in ours,” makes us a diverse, tier-one chauffeur service option.

Traveling to Miami, New York, or Washington, D.C.? Let Personal Driving Services assist you in making the travel arrangements.

In today’s climate when people have to be careful and conscientious of how they travel and with whom, a personal driving service like ours is more needed than ever. If you have a particular set of travel needs that traditional means of transportation can’t accommodate, we can handle it. Have health issues and want to avoid potentially exposing yourself to something contagious? Then give us a call. In the vast majority of cases, we not only meet those needs but very likely, we are going to exceed those expectations while providing exceptional service.

Personal Driving Services, your concierge lifestyle service.

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