What Our Passengers Are Saying

Wendy ShupeI would highly recommend Bill at Professional Driving Services.  He made my stressful situation into a pleasant experience in one of life’s journeys.

I hired Bill to drive me from a ski vacation in Idaho to my home in California.  I had two cats with me and, thanks to my wonderful driver, was able to sit in the back seat with them and keep them calm.  This made an otherwise stressful trip very relaxing.  We had an overnight stop which went smoothly thanks to little details like him driving me to the nearest door to unload my pets and manning the door while I loaded them.

He was very considerate and accommodating in the planning and execution of the trip.   The timing was worked out to perfection.   He was always pleasant and kind even though he may have been tired from a long day of travel.  Aside from that, I found him to be very personable and genuine in character. It was a pleasure to talk with him during the drive.   I will definitely consider him for future travel needs.

Wendy Shupe

Lara L. LaddOne of the pleasures in life is to feel safe and taken care of and that is what Personal Driving Services has provided for me. Driving to and from appointments in the city and then having to find available parking has become a nightmare but using PDS has allowed me to make phone calls and write notes in complete peace while I am being driven (on time) to my various destinations. The courtesy of the driver is an added bonus and I could not imagine using any other company for my safety.

Lara L. Ladd

Bill at Personal Driving Services was fantastic. The service was incredibly professional and on target. I had a long day of meetings in a city over 250 miles away. Given the 8 hours of driving and 6 hours of meetings, it was a great help to have Bill drive my car. I was able to complete my work in the car and then also have the multiple meetings. Bill would make it a point to text me 10 minutes before a meeting should be concluded so that we would have time to move on to the next meeting. He ensured my car was ready at the end of each meeting and directions mapped out. I managed to be on time for every single meeting and be back home an hour early to read to my kids as well.

What typically would have been a long and tiring and somewhat stressful day was not that anymore. Bill has a fount of experience and it was great to converse with him during the drive. I had a productive day which was not tiring at all, and I was ready for work again the next day. I am sure Bill will be helping me out next time soon.

Health Insurance Provider

My family and I have used Personal Driving Services on many occasions over the past few years. At times they were able to respond to my requests on very short notice.

The thoughtfulness and pleasant demeanor of our driver as well as his competent driving skills were and are greatly appreciated. I plan to continue using Personal Driving Services in the future.

Yours Truly,
Former Senior Advisor
Automotive Corporation

Bill- Everything was great. I can’t thank you enough! I appreciate everything you did. Thanks again!

Also, I found you on the internet. I just did a search for private drivers.


Government and Industry Affairs Manager
Government and Industry Affairs (GAIA)
National Insurance Company

I’ve had the pleasure of using William driving service to and from the airport on many occasions. William is both personable and professional. He is always prompt and allows sufficient time to be at the airport before my departure. William is meticulous about checking flight schedules and traffic conditions. He is always very familiar with alternative airport routes. It is always a pleasure to use William’s services and I often refer him to my friends.



In the past few years I have used William as my personal driver on numerous occasions and have every confidence in his driving skills. He is extremely professional and reliable. I also find it very reassuring when he goes beyond expectations by always informing me in advance that he will be at the airline gate or my home on the scheduled departure and arrival time.

I really appreciated his thoughtfulness and sensitive demeanor especially when I was going through difficult times.

Yours Truly,


I am writing to share my experience of having had the pleasure to work with William for more than three years. When I say “work together” I really mean it. William is much more than a driver; he’s often the travel partner that gets me off to a great start on my way to the 11 countries I travel to on a routine basis. William is the gentleman who always learns my preferences and never forgets them. Speaking of forgetting, William has saved me on a few occasions with the Passport (and do you have all your winter gear?) check. Southern California traffic is gnarly, to say the least, but William always optimizes routes and choices and I have never missed a plane with William’s navigation.

Personal Driving Services is the elite transportation choice in Los Angeles. I’ve used their services in getting to entertainment events including red carpets, business travel at LAX, and for important meetings. Their attention to client detail make every experience professional and flawless., their driving staff is friendly and reliable, and their company is both discreet and accommodating. They also have a wide variety of vehicle options to meet your needs. Booking travel on their website is easy and efficient. I truly recommend them for anyone looking to take the stress out of their travel needs.


My family and I have been using Personal Driving Services for the last five years. The coordination is simple and easy and John is always friendly and dependable. Our limo is always on time and clean. For the transportation back and forth to LAX, whether we’re flying internationally or domestically, he knows how to navigate the busy terminal. He is always professional, courteous and gets us to our flight early. I would recommend Personal Driving Services for any of your special transportation needs.

Jeff U.

I used Personal Driving Services for my wedding and to the airport for my honeymoon. The coordination was simple and easy and the driver was friendly and professional. Our limo was waiting for us on our wedding night with chilled Champagne for the trip to our hotel. The transportation to LAX was effortless.Arriving at Tom Bradley our chauffeur knew just how to navigate the busy terminal, was professional, courteous and had us to our flight early. On the return from the airport our driver anticipated traffic and used an alternate route that got us home much quicker. I would recommend Personal Driving Services for any of your special transportation needs.