Flying on an airplane is miserable. Everything about air travel is horrible: from the TSA to flights being delayed, to being squished next to other passengers, to flight attendants treating you worse than most people treat their pets – the experience of flying on a plane and getting through the airport is an exercise and sadomasochism. No airport exemplifies how horrible flying in America is than LAX. LAX will steal your soul out of your body and make you wish that you were never born; a person could forget that they’re paying money to be there and that all major airports leech off of local governments for their entire existence (the airline industry also got $25 billion in stimulus money, which is an absolute disgrace).

With all of this said, air travel has dropped again due to the pandemic.

The airline industry is going to be just fine. The airline industry is going to continue making the flying experience worse by the day, and even if fewer people are flying, they will continue to get bailed out by city, state, and federal governments. So even if you don’t fly often, your tax dollars are still going towards making the CEOs of the various airliners richer and richer.