This past Saturday the Hollywood Bowl was dancing to the funky electronic beats of Brainfeeder. And you’re correct, it is quite an interesting name for a concert. Nevertheless, to witness the impressive lineup of musical guests, its safe to say that my brain fed, and fed well. Fittingly, the musical guests were varied, yet united through a thematic non-mainstream appeal. The Hollywood Bowl is the perfect venue to taste the different musical dishes that Brainfeeder provides. The night was full of funk, but how that funk was achieved was quite different. The assortment of guests: Gaslamp Killer, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, George Clinton with Funkadelic, and Flying Lotus sent funky chills down our collective spines. The performances ran the gamut from electronic jazz and futuristic r&b, to instrumental hip hop and classic funk. The artists may be different, but they unite through the focus on the beat.

Brainfeeder finds its origins from the mind of headliner, Flying Lotus, a prominent member of the “Beat Scene.” He works with other musicians like Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. So while he may not have as far-reaching of name recognition, in many circles he is a pretty big deal. And I can tell you now from first-hand experience, his musical performances are quite impressive. For Flying Lotus the visuals seem to be as important as the eclectic sounds which he produces.


Moving on from the headliner, the other performers produce plenty of surprises too. Michael McDonald is probably the last person I would expect to see at a performance of this nature. Yes, that’s right, Michael McDonald, yet, there he is on stage. I second guess the words that I hear coming into my ears when they announce him, but the sounds do not lie. So, when I say that Brainfeeder has some substantial variety, their surprise guest should serve to confirm it.

If you have never been to the Hollywood Bowl, you should check it out. This was actually my first time ever attending a concert at the venue. It will not be the last. Don’t forget to bring your own beer and wine, it’s a definite plus for the venue. The food and drink there can be on the pricier side for sure. All in all, I can talk about this incredible concert experience for a while longer, but I’ll end things here.