Summer Fun at the OC Fair

Nothing Says Summer Like the OC Fair

The OC Fair brings you together with one of SoCal’s most entertaining summer traditions. Sure, we have the Ventura County Fair or the LA Fair as well, but there is something special about the OC Fair.

(Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

The fair mixes tasty fried food along with every type of carnival attraction you could possibly imagine. And in case you haven’t found yourself in more country-oriented areas, you can check out cute farm animals and the occasional rodeo or demolition derby.

I definitely wouldn’t plan on maintaining any sort of dietary restrictions while at the fair, as evidenced by the picture above. If there was ever a time for a little bit of a cheat day, it would be when attending this fair. I am not entirely sure if I’m seeing whipped cream or ice cream on top of those fries. I am both curious and horrified.

However, I am fully in support of this Flaming Hot Cheeto Pizza. I know what I am ordering when I head down to Costa Mesa this weekend. The OC Fair will conclude in early August so you have a little bit of time to check it out. All the details you could possibly want can be found right here at the event website. Enjoy your summer and the OC Fair.

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Santana Comes To The Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl Welcomes A Legend

The Hollywood Bowl is welcoming the legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, next Monday, June 24th. He’s not coming by himself though, he’s also going to be bringing The Doobie Brothers as backup. If you’re a fan of guitar prowess and Rock & Roll, then you better make your way to The Bowl– it’s going to get popping. Santana is on tour right now celebrating the past 20 years since his legendary album, “Supernatural,” took the world and our collective ears by storm. Not to mention, if you were needing any more reasons to celebrate, his tour is also honoring the 50th anniversary of the seminal Woodstock Concert.

What are some of your favorite Santana songs over these past 50 years? I personally have to go with Maria Maria.

Ticket details and Hollywood Bowl policies can be found right here.

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Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival 2019

A Taste of New Orleans

This Memorial Day Weekend will give you an opportunity to eat tasty food, listen to soulful music, and donate your hard-earned funds to great causes. The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise will present their 30th rendition of the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival. I am personally a huge fan of Cajun food and enjoy the prospect of munching on some Gumbo and Jambalaya. I am not as well-versed when it comes to the Blues, but if there was ever a good opportunity to check it out, this would be it.


They definitely know their food, music, and parties down in New Orleans. This weekend will find a bit of New Orleans in Simi Valley. Whether you have the same palate as myself or are more inclined for their funnel cake and kettle corn, you’ll find something delicious to eat. And while you stuff your face with food, live music will be covering the event grounds.

Musical performers at the Cajun & Blues Festival will include Jefferson Starship, Spin Doctors, and 3 Sista Blues. In addition, the event also features a Mardi Gras Parade each day and special New Orleans inspired Arts & Crafts. The whole family will have something to enjoy this weekend.

Tickets and additional details can be found right here

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Explore WonderCon 2019

Return to WonderCon


Make your way down to the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend and get your nerd on. Consider this practice for the Avengers coming out next month. Whether you want to dress up like Iron Man or stay in your normal clothes, you’ll find yourself among a friendly community. The event contains a little something for everyone whether you’re more into Television or Movies. WonderCon 2019 will feature special guests, sneak previews, and Q&A Panels.

You can find all the information that you need to purchase passes right here

If you love comics or have an interest in learning more about the numerous comic book movies and television shows that are around, this is a a great opportunity. The special guests of this event encompass the industry’s heaviest hitters.

Feed Your Fandom, Feed Your Belly

Either before or after you embark on your WonderCon 2019 journey you should grab some tasty food. I found a nice spot called The Scratch Room that is located right by the convention center.

Make a day out of your Anaheim excursion. Hit up The Scratch Room and try some of their award-winning breakfast items or tasty burgers. They have a diverse menu that will whet your appetite. So, be it at WonderCon or The Scratch Room, you’ll be in for a satisfying weekend.

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A Full Day of New Year’s Eve

Everyone Can Enjoy New Year’s Eve

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Noon Year’s Eve, there will be plenty of things to do on Monday. I found a couple of events that are wildly different, but that should cover the bases whether you want to bring the whole family out or not. If you have some kiddos and want them to enjoy some of your typical NYE events at a more appropriate time and location, check out Noon Year’s Eve. This event is brought you by the fine folks at the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena.

The event aficionados at TimeOut Los Angeles describe it as thus, “This cute kid celebration mimics a grown-up New Year’s Eve fete but counts down to a balloon drop at noon rather than midnight. Little ones can make party hats and noise makers together beforehand, dance to live music and sip on sparkling cider to welcome in the “noon” year.” Now doesn’t that sound equal portions adorable and fun. And let me just say that regardless of age, sparkling cider is a treat for everyone. The event runs from 9:30am to 3pm and you’ll want to get there by 11am if you want to participate in all the countdown festivities.

A Traditional New Year’s Eve Affair

Now if you were lucky enough to find a sitter, you’ll be able to put the kiddos to bed and participate in a more traditional New Year’s Eve. The Queen Mary is holding one of the Southland’s biggest NYE parties. It can get a little pricey at $115 for GA tickets and $215 for VIP tickets; however, it’s well worth it.

You’re going to have the perfect excuse to dress up and channel your inner Hollywood Star or Starlet of yesteryear. Not to mention, you can treat yourself to a fantastic fireworks display, live music, and drunken revelry. You might not be able to buy love or buy friends, but you can buy some New Year’s Eve fun. Check out some tickets right here. 

Happy New Year’s!

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The Hollywood Christmas Parade

Some Post-Thanksgiving Plans

I know what you’re thinking, Hollywood Christmas Parade? Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you’re already talking about Christmas, what gives? Well, I’d imagine we all have our minds firmly set on munching on some delicious turkey and stuffing during dinner tomorrow. Although, obviously the main part of the holiday is the giving thanks part. I want you to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I want you to be thankful for all that you have, especially in turbulent times such as these. And I want you to enjoy a delicious family dinner if you’re able to have one. However, at this point I am just assuming that you have your holiday plans all set for the next couple of days, and that’s why I’m setting you up for a fun weekend. We all know that December brings with it some specific holiday merriment. Let’s get a head start this weekend shall we?

Santa Comes to Hollywood a Month Early

Wait a second. That’s not Santa, that’s Superman! If you’re looking for some fun times this weekend, you’ll have a chance to bring the kids down to Hollywood. That’s right it’s time for the Hollywood Christmas Parade. 

From Superman to Darth Vader, the Hollywood Christmas Parade puts just as much emphasis on the Hollywood as they do on the Christmas. This Sunday, November 25th, starting at around 5pm make sure you snag a spot to see the parade festivities. You can expect to see numerous floats, celebrities, marching bands, and other types of exciting performances. And luckily if you can’t make it this year in person, you’ll be able to watch the parade on the CW network on December 15th. Head down to Hollywood this Sunday and mix a little bit of Hollywood Stars with your Christmas pregame. Additional information about the event can be found right here at the official parade website.

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100 % Festival at The Otis College of Art and Design

The 100% Festival

What drives you to your 100%? What inspires your creativity, mind, and soul? The Otis College of Art and Design is celebrating their 100th year by inspiring you this weekend. The 100% Festival is a two-day opportunity to explore art and design on the campus. The event features creative workshops, speakers, a Makers Market, food trucks, music, and more. What sort of things can you do, you may wonder. Well, try weaving a phone case, learn to draw a live owl, and explore the inner workings of toy design. You can hear from a Disney animator, and learn about various forms of painting, photography, and fashion. The Otis College of Art and Design knows how to throw a centennial celebration.

What inspires me? Well, I love photography and wish I could draw better! This is a great opportunity for people to explore some of the art that inspires them. You’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and maybe learn a thing or two. The best part is that the event is totally free! Although you do have to pay at the food trucks and whatnot, obviously. So, if you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, check out the Otis College campus.

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Vampyr and Halloween After-Party

Vampyr at the Ace Hotel

The LA Opera and the Theatre at Ace Hotel once again join forces for a spooky mash-up of opera and film. The Ace’s gothic auditorium is the perfect venue for this screening of the 1932 surrealist horror flick Vampyr. And this event gives you the opportunity to see the film with a live accompaniment from a chamber orchestra and singers. Stick around after the performance for the LA Opera’s costume party. If you don’t have any kiddos to trick or treat with, and you don’t want to be cooped up at home, check this out. Witness the classic horror and let the gripping musical score enthrall you.

The Vampyr

“I wanted to create a waking dream on screen and show that horror is not to be found in the things around us but in our own subconscious,” said Danish film-maker Carl Theodor Dreyer, whose loose adaptation of two stories from Sheridan Le Fanu (Carmilla and The Room in the Dragon Volant) was initially conceived as a silent movie. Sound was added during production, but the film’s trance-like images stand on their own. They create a visual poem in which the action seems to take place on the cusp of dreams and reality. The Guardian Newspaper described he film as such and also listed it as a top 10 horror film of all time. Vampyr is probably not like most horror movies that you’ve seen, but the experience of it is chilling in ways that It, Freddy, or Jason may not be.


Tickets for this special show shown at the wonderful Ace Hotel Theatre can be found right here.

LA Opera and The Theatre at Ace Hotel invite attendees to a Halloween party with music and cash bar. Included with ticket to the Vampyr performance. Talk about bang for your buck! Your Halloween, should you desire to brave the act of going out on a Wednesday night, will surely be a good time.

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Lucha Vavoom Halloween

Lucha Vavoom: Circo de Vampiros

What is Lucha Vavoom you may ask? Well, it is excessive to say the least. Prepare for a bit of sensory overload. It’s a combination of burlesque dancing, Mexican luchadore wresting, comedy and acrobatics. And this is the special Halloween version of the event too! The tale of good versus evil unfolds before your eyes as you witness high-flying stunts. Don’t forget to pack some extra garlic and maybe a stake or two as you witness the vampire wrestlers fly around the ring.

This Halloween extravaganza will be held on Oct 24-25. So, basically the week before you take the little ones out for some ghoulish fun, the adults can have some fun of their own. Lucha Vavoom let’s you experience a carnival of sin and debauchery. Tickets for the event can be found right here.

This entire experience promises to be a change of pace to those of you used to casual Halloween work parties or an occasional get-together. Unless those parties have high-octane car stunts, acrobatics, pumping music, and other bits of craziness. And if your parties are typically like that, well then I’ll be expecting an invite to one of those in the future.

Cut loose and have some Halloween fun without the kiddos for once. Enjoy your Lucha Vavoom Halloween!

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COAST Open Streets Festival

With the third annual COAST Open Streets Festival, you can explore and enjoy two miles of street turned festival. Therefore Main Street and Ocean Avenue are the place to be this Sunday from 10am to 4pm. And if you’ve ever driven through the area and always wanted to step out of the car and check the area out, this is your chance for unparalleled mobility freedom. You can stroll on the black asphalt as a variety of dancers, stilt-walkers, and other atypical sights make their way up and down the street.

The COAST Open Streets Festival will have live performances and DJ’s blaring music as you move through the streets. This will be fun for the whole family and might even be an opportunity to dust off your dancing shoes.

The event showcases and encourages sustainability via Santa Monica’s focus on upgrading it’s public transportation. Visitors are encouraged to make their way to and from the venue by using alternate forms of transportation. We’re talking city buses, the train, or biking/walking. Santa Monica is a wonderful place to explore when you take a break from being behind the steering wheel. Finally, an important thing to mention is that this event is absolutely free! So, if you find yourself down in Santa Monica this Sunday, you should take a moment to do some urban exploring of your own.

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