Behold the Masters of Taste

Not quite He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Masters of Taste are probably the next best thing. And if you’re particularly hungry, one could even say they are the true masters. This Sunday, May 6th, the Masters of Taste will be heading to the historic Rosebowl in Pasadena to share their delicious foods and drinks with lucky attendees. Moreover, the event will give 100% of proceeds to the great Union Station Homeless Services. So, not only will you be able to wine and dine, you’ll fill your bellies knowing you’re giving back to the community.

The event begins at the Rosebowl at 3pm on Sunday and tickets are expected to run you from $105 to $165 for general admission and VIP, respectively. Now you may be wondering, what exactly will be at this event? The answer to that question is: unlimited samplings from some of L.A.’s most unique and eclectic chefs, restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, and mixologists.

About 2,500 guests are expected from all throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Over 50 Culinary Masters and restaurants from Redbird, Bourbon Steak and Lunasia Dim Sum House, to Bone Kettle, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Ramen Tatsunoya–chances are every unique taste will be catered to satisfactorily. Not to mention the festival will also include an array of signature sweets prepared by L.A.’s finest Sweet Masters, and signature handcrafted cocktails and tastings from over 25 Beverage Masters. Be it salty, savory, sweet, or thirsty–you’ll be in the right place to find your culinary desires met. Additional details about Masters of Taste can be found right here. My mouth is watering and ready for Sunday, how about you?

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Experience A SaddleRock Garden Dinner

A Delicious and Healthy Dinner Event

Another Great SaddleRock Event

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, PDS is a big fan of SaddleRock Ranch and Malibu Wines. They are local and offer fantastic visuals and a first rate experience. And i’m here again to tell you about a cool series of events held at SaddleRock. It’s called SaddleRock Garden Dinner, it’s held periodically, and it gives you an opportunity to become a part of the ever-expanding farm-to-table movement.

Farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork)  is a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer. The farm-to-table movement has arisen more or less with changes in attitudes about food safety, food freshness,  and food seasonality. Advocates and practitioners of the farm-to-table model frequently cite the scarcity of fresh, local ingredients; the poor flavor of ingredients shipped from afar; and the poor nutritional integrity of shipped ingredients, among other things.

Malibu Wine Safari

Time to Eat

Moreover, the idea behind these type of events, including what SaddleRock Garden Dinner is doing, is giving people an opportunity to taste delicious locally-sourced food. At SaddleRock, a highly-touted local chef will plan out a 5-course meal utilizing vegetables grown from their own organic garden. In addition, Dinner service involves a combination of family platters and buffet style. The expert dinner planners pair an initial wine with the beginning appetizer dishes and a 2nd wine with the main entree. Equally important, not only will you be dining fine, you’ll be wining fine as well.

Furthermore, the dinner itself tends to have a duration of about 2 hours, but with all the socializing and mingling with your fellow guests, the whole experience will be around 5 hours. Lastly, tickets for the event will run you about $130 per ticket. Additional details about the event, including where to buy the tickets can be found right here.

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Go Forth and Enjoy the Malibu Wine Safari

Your Very Own Safari Adventure

Camels, Giraffes, these are just a few of the friendly animals you’ll see on your Malibu Wine Safari. Saddlerock Ranch will not only fill your belly with some of the area’s best wine, but offer you some truly special sights. This is your chance to explore a picturesque 1000-acre Malibu ranch and vineyard.

Already sporting some great views due to its proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains, Saddlerock is definitely worth a visit. Gather your friends and make a day of grabbing some fine wine and embarking on a special Saddlerock adventure. The Malibu Wine Safari lets you enjoy two wine tastings as you ride around in a customized tour vehicle. From Bisous to Zinfandel, they have the delicious locally sourced wines to make your palette go on its own adventure.

Should you be curious and require some more details about Saddlerock Ranch’s Malibu Wine Safari, you can find some right here. As we transition from Winter to Spring (although this IS California we’re talking about) you should expect some perfect wine safari weather. Get ready to plan your day of vino adventure soon. You might even see the Kardashians or other celebrities. Your Instagram and social media game may never be stronger.


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LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show

Another day another con to tell you about. This time we’re talking about the LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show, now in its second year.

In a bit of a last minute post, this event actually starts later today! However, tickets are still available and even if you catch the tail end of today’s festivities you still have all of tomorrow to consume your sweet treats. Yes, this event will provide you with numerous free samples of tasty cookies and sweets for you to indulge in. Although apparently last year’s event was a bit of a chaotic affair, the LA Cookie Con organizers have learned from last year’s tribulations. The event is now two days instead of one, and also occupies a much bigger venue.

Honestly, have you ever seen something more aesthetically pleasing than these cookies? I don’t know if i’d want to bite into them or just admire them as works of art. LA Cookie Con also features many celebrity chefs and social media influencers. So, chances are if you’ve seen some Instagrammable cookies recently, their purveyors will be in attendance. Tickets for LA Cookie Con can be found right here

One day tickets will run you about $25 for adults and $12 for the kiddies. I hope you packed your sweet tooth! See you there!

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Wake Up at CoffeeCon LA

Whether you are a drinker or a brewer, this weekend’s CoffeeCon has something for everyone. The Reef will be hosting this dynamic coffee-fueled event, located in the heart of Downtown LA. The doors open at 9 on Saturday and Sunday, so you might need to grab some other coffee before you make the drive down. There will be plenty of coffee samples and products for you to sample if you’re in attendance as you’d expect.The event will have presentations and classes about coffee-related things like single origin drip, and latte art. So, some of these things might sound like a foreign language to the uninitiated. However, if that’s the case, then this sounds like a great opportunity to learn some new, interesting coffee-things. I myself have become increasingly interested and immersed into the world of coffee. I’m looking forward to being able to bring some new latte/cappuccino knowledge home.

Over 50 exhibitors will be in attendance, so you’ll be able to sample some coffee goodies from local businesses and from around the country. CoffeeCon LA tickets can be found right here and i’d encourage jumping on those tickets ASAP. Tickets will run you anywhere from $20-$50 depending on how much access to particular coffee seminars and classes you desire.

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Pasadena Cheeseburger Week


Way back in 1924, Lionel Sternberger is in the midst of crafting up a tasty hamburger  at Pasadena’s Rite Spot. Suddenly, struck by a monumental thought “the burger needs a little something extra,” his eyes fall towards a simple slice of American cheese. And just like that, the world witnesses the birth of the cheeseburger. Also, it’s important to note, that little bit of food revolution is still ongoing to this day. Fittingly, in honor of changing the world, Pasadena comes together to celebrate its prodigal son with a week dedicated to all things cheeseburger. I present to you, Pasadena Cheeseburger Week

Cheeseburger fans from across the land can come together and choose from over forty restaurants to take advantage of burger deals and special creations in honor of that special sandwich. Not to mention, patrons can also vote in the Cheeseburger Challenge. This annual week-long celebration begins tomorrow, January 7th. Additional details can be found at the event website right here.

Participating restaurants include everything from Umami Burger to Plate 38. And all of these fine establishments are in Pasadena. Nevertheless, not only will you get to check out beautiful old town Pasadena, you get to do it while munching on some tasty cheeseburger deals. You should definitely spend next week taking advantage of Pasadena Cheeseburger Week.

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Halloween at KCRW’s Masquerade Ball

It’s the finale of our month-long journey through the thrilling month of October. From fun outdoor horror-movie watching venues to haunted hayrides, we’ve covered our bases. However, now it’s time to finish things off with a bang, I’m talking about a masquerade. And not just any shindig, I’m talking about KCRW’s Masquerade Ball. Moreover, this event brings together the excitement that comes from watching grown-ass individuals wearing an assortment of costumes, with all the other traditional party goodies. This event is strictly for the 21 or older crowd so you’ll be wanting to keep all your little ghouls and ghosts at home for this one.

Party patrons will be traveling to the MacArthur, so a great venue will be accompanying the festivities. Prepare to wander around the venue’s variety of Halloween-themed rooms. You will get to see rooms showcasing circus troops, ghost stories, and DJ’s spinning hot beats. Meanwhile, food trucks will be nearby ready to cater to your late night frightful food cravings. This event basically has everything you need to have a good time. KCRW’s Masquerade Ball is quickly becoming a Halloween tradition. It’s definitely on my list for potential party venues for this Halloween. In fact, it’s worth a quick visit at a minimum and worth incorporating into your Halloween itinerary.

Check out more details about the event right here and enjoy a frightfully fun time!

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Street Food Cinema

During the month of October, Street Food Cinema will be bringing some tasty cinematic goodness to the Southland. We’re talking about some of the most popular food trucks from around Los Angeles. But beyond that, we also get some of the coolest venues, and classic, seasonally appropriate films. On October 7th, the Caped Crusader himself, Batman, comes to Victory Park in Pasadena.

Tim Burton’s classic film from the 1989 starts to get us a little used to some darkness in the air. Food trucks like the alliterative Curbside Crab Cakes and humorous Rice Balls of Fire will be in attendance. They may have the most clever names, but they aren’t even the only food trucks that will be there on Saturday. Musician Ballerina Black will be in attendance to grace our collective ears with musical goodness.

But if you thought that one film and cool location wasn’t enough for that Saturday, you’d be in luck. You have options. We should just call  October Halloween month at this point. The holiday takes over everything. Thus, Street Food Cinema allows Halloween-flavored movies to take over their movie selections for the month. The classic film, you guessed it, Halloween will also be going down on October 7th. 

Watch Jaime Lee Curtis do battle against her psychotic foe in one of the most aptly titled film in cinematic history. And all the while, we get to enjoy the food offerings of The Grilled Cheese Truck, Royal Kebab, and many others. Aeb Byrne will be this venue’s musical guest. Speaking of which, this whole shindig will be going down at Los Angeles State Historic Park.

The entire month of October will see Street Food Cinema bring Halloween movies, good company, and good food together in one–sometimes two convenient places– every Saturday. Considering on October 7th, unless you can clone yourself, you will only be able to choose one of the two movies. Enjoy yourselves everyone! Additional details and Street Food Cinema’s entire schedule can be found right here.

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TGIF at Barnsdale Art Park


PC: Blaise Nutter

Now that the sweltering summer heat is behind us, it’s time to enjoy some of that crisp autumn air. This Friday at 5;30pm in the gorgeous Barnsdale Art Park, visitors will get to enjoy this new season. Channel your inner sophisticated wine aficionado as you attend this classy Friday night wine-tasting event. In addition to getting a chance to dress up and sip some eclectic wines, visitors get to enjoy the wonderful aesthetics of the area. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a majestic sunset as the LA skyline stretches before your very eyes.

This event is, of course, only for individuals 21 years and older, so you’ll have to leave the kids behind for this one. But hey, treat yourself. Friday night wine tasting at Barnsdale Art Park will be held this Friday as well as October 6th. Luckily that means that if you have to miss out this Friday you’ll have another opportunity to go the following week. And if you have a wonderful time this Friday you’ll be able to go again the next week. Sounds like a win for everyone.

Barnsdale Art Park is partnering with Silverlake Wines for these events. This cooperation gives visitors the chance to taste some fantastic wines. DJ-led music will also accompany attendees along with a rotating assortment of local, popular food trucks. Finally, you find pricing and ticketing details on the Barnsdale Art Park’s Friday night wine tasting page on their website. I have been so kind as to link you to the website right here. I hope you enjoy the festivities!

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Exploring the Arts District

I recently had the pleasure of spending a fun evening in the Arts District in DTLA. Not only does the area have some fantastic street art that can be easily seen when moving around the area, but the Arts District also has some great restaurants and hot spots. Wurstkuche, a name that I still can’t accurately pronounce, and Angel City– a much more palatable title for me to recite– made for a fun time. Angel City Brewery, which you can see in the picture above, has a really trendy aesthetic and was popping with a great crowd of people. They have a rotating list of craft beers for everyone’s drinking pleasure, including the sriracha-lada. Think michelada with sriracha. If you like a bit of spice with your beer, you’re definitely going to want to check it out.

Another cool thing about Angel City Brewery is that they have food trucks drive in and sell their tasty wares so patrons can get their food and drink on, simultaneously. They also have a bunch of games for your crew to play while you sit and drink. No jenga is better than tipsy jenga–drink responsibly, folks.

Moving along within the Arts District brings us to Wurstkuche. Definitely another trendy atmosphere, Wurstkuche brings their own sampling of fancy beers to go along with their delicious sausage offerings. They have a wide variety of spicy mustard and memorable dipping sauces to go along with their exotic sausages. I personally find the rattlesnake and rabbit sausage to be incredibly delicious. If you’re feeling ever-so-slightly adventurous this is a great place to eat some atypical sausages. The spot’s communal seating invite meeting new people and spending time with friends. It’s a perfect hangout place that totally fits the overall feel of the Arts District. They also have another location in Venice, FYI.

The LA Arts District has plenty more to checkout. Just walking around can be quite the interesting experience. I’ll definitely be returning as soon as I can. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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