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Are New Travel Restrictions Going Into Effect Soon?

As the world heads into the second year of restrictions and lockdowns, one issue that doesn’t get enough attention, relative to its importance, are travel bans.

According to

“U.S. President-elect Joe Biden opposes the lifting of a ban on travelers from Europe and Brazil ordered by his predecessor President Donald Trump for Jan. 26, his incoming press secretary Jen Psaki said on Twitter

Trump issued a presidential proclamation on Jan. 18 lifting the ban on travelers from the European Union’s free-movement Schengen area, the U.K., Ireland, and Brazil, because of his

‘high confidence these jurisdictions will cooperate with the U.S. in the implementation’ (of mandatory COVID-19 testing for passengers).

  • Psaki said in her tweet that ‘with the pandemic worsening, and more contagious variants emerging around the world, this is not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel.’
  • On the contrary, she added, the new U.S. administration plans ‘to strengthen public health measures around international travel,’ suggesting that Biden will take steps to cancel Trump’s decision in the next few days.
  • Current U.S. travel restrictions are similar to those in place with slight variations throughout Europe. The U.K. is now forcing even its own citizens to test before re-entering the country, and forces travelers into quarantine before submitting them to a second test after five days.”

What does this all mean? Most likely, Biden is going to institute tougher travel restrictions, at least in the immediate future, than Trump did.

As the number of people who have taken the vaccine increases, and as cases around the world drop, the timetable of when these restrictions will be lifted shouldn’t be too far off from today (hopefully).

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LAX Debuts Virtual Tour

LAX Debuts Virtual Tour

LAX is known for many things — but saying that LAX employs start of the art technology and a pleasant passenger experience are not things that the vast majority of people who have flown in or out of this airport are known to utter on a regular basis. Yet, LAX is going to be launching an ambitious Virtual Tour experience for people who might be interested in learning more about the airport.


According to

“Los Angeles World Airports Monday announced a virtual 360-degree tour of LAX.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, airfield tours were offered to students, community groups and others to provide information about operations at the country’s second-busiest airport.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired us to find new ways to stay connected with our community, and this first-of-its-kind virtual airfield tour provides a front-row seat for aviation enthusiasts from around the world,’ said Michelle Schwartz, chief corporate strategy and affairs officer at LAWA. ‘Using cutting-edge technology, we can educate and inspire anyone who wants to learn more about LAX’s people, operations and history.’

The high-resolution, 360-degree video experience can be accessed online using a smartphone, tablet, computer or VR headset.

The virtual airfield tour takes viewers on a journey around Los Angeles International Airport’s airfield, offering views that were previously only available to in-person tour attendees and airport employees, according to LAWA officials. Starting from the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center, the tour traverses notable destinations around the LAX campus while a series of narrators explain its operations and history.”

Only time will tell if this experience will be a good one or if the public will ever even utilize it.

Two things remain true about LAX, you better show up very early for your flight, and the second is that you better mentally prepare for a so-so experience while you’re there.

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LAX Is Providing COVID-19 Testing

LAX Is Providing COVID-19 Testing

LAX has announced that they are providing COVID-19 testing to passengers who travel thru.


According to The Los Angeles Times:

“At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), three testing sites opened earlier this month.

They are offering PCR-type nasal-swab tests at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, Terminal 2, and Terminal 6. The tests, conducted by Clarity Lab Solutions, are priced at $150, with results expected within 24 hours. Testing is offered from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on a walk-up basis.

[…] followed by another 180,000-plus between Dec. 17 and Jan. 3. That amounts to about 60% of the passenger traffic the airport saw last year. Ontario airport is about 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.”

As we approach the eighth month of this pandemic, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for when life will get back to normal. As we adjust to this form of living, more testing sites like these will only help to stop the spread of the virus.

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The LAX Jetpack Man

The LAX Jetpack Man

The LAX Jetpack Man


LAX is one of the busiest and most horrible airports in the entire United States, if not the entire Western Hemisphere. The parking is abysmal, the traffic will have you pulling your hair out, and the staff that works there actively tries to make your life a living nightmare.

In the midst of the dystopia that is LAX, a man has been spotted flying around on a jetpack.

According to Men’s Health:

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: On Wednesday afternoon, crew members on an airliner flying near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) once again spotted a person in a jetpack gliding at an altitude of 6,000 feet high, a few miles northwest of the flight hub.

It’s the second time in six weeks that aviation professionals have observed someone in a jetpack flying near LAX.

At 1:45 p.m. PST, the crew of the LAX-bound China Airlines Flight 006, a Boeing 777 coming from Taipei, alerted air traffic controllers of the strange sight. Here’s part of the transcript of the conversation between the China Airlines crew and air traffic control, according to audio obtained by The War Zone:

China Airlines 006: “We just saw a bright object at 6,000.”

LAX Tower: “006 heavy can you say that one more time please?”

China Airlines 006: “We saw a flying object like a [this part is hard to decipher, but it sounded like] flight suit jetpack at 6,000.”

LAX Tower: “Was it a UAV or was it a jetpack?”

China Airlines 006: “Like a jetpack. Too shiny. It’s too far.”

LAX Tower: “006 heavy, roger, thank you… Emirates 215 heavy there was a jetpack reported about 13 miles ahead.”

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed to CNBC it received the report, and promptly alerted local law enforcement. Rest assured the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also on the case, as a spokeswoman told the New York Times the Bureau is “investigating multiple reports of what, according to witnesses, appeared to be an individual in a jetpack near LAX.””

If L.A. couldn’t get any worse, a man flying around on a jetpack that could potentially jam up traffic even more or cause flights to be delayed more than they almost always are — could truly be the cherry on top of the crap sundae that is Los Angeles.

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Costa Rica Decides To Open Up To America

Costa Rica Decides To Open Up To America

On September 1st, Costa Rica will allow Americans from certain states to travel there. Travel to the country has been limited since COVID-19 struck.

The states that Costa Rica will allow tourists from are Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Maine, and Vermont.

Costa Rica counts on tourist money to keep their economy afloat, so the fact that they have had to limit travel to their country has had a tremendous impact on their economy.

New York and New Jersey have both been hit very hard by the virus, be that as it may, Costa Rica is opting to allow travelers from there to visit.

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LAX sign - Air Travel Is Down

Air Travel Is Down

Flying on an airplane is miserable. Everything about air travel is horrible: from the TSA to flights being delayed, to being squished next to other passengers, to flight attendants treating you worse than most people treat their pets – the experience of flying on a plane and getting through the airport is an exercise and sadomasochism. No airport exemplifies how horrible flying in America is than LAX. LAX will steal your soul out of your body and make you wish that you were never born; a person could forget that they’re paying money to be there and that all major airports leech off of local governments for their entire existence (the airline industry also got $25 billion in stimulus money, which is an absolute disgrace).

With all of this said, air travel has dropped again due to the pandemic.

The airline industry is going to be just fine. The airline industry is going to continue making the flying experience worse by the day, and even if fewer people are flying, they will continue to get bailed out by city, state, and federal governments. So even if you don’t fly often, your tax dollars are still going towards making the CEOs of the various airliners richer and richer.

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Ridesharing Drivers Demand Better Conditions

Ridesharing Drivers Demand Better Conditions

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered virtually every industry in some way – whether those changes be small or big, everyone is feeling the effects of the virus and the ensuing guidelines that industries now have to follow. With that said, one thing has remained consistent since before the pandemic – LAX is still run horribly and the experiences of Uber and Lyft drivers prove it.

In addition to the dreadful policies that LAX has towards ride-sharing companies, where rules and guidelines are instituted on a whim and things are purposefully designed to be as inefficient as possible, drivers are now advocating for better conditions “stop cheating drivers out of basic workplace protections and drop a ballot measure designed to buy the companies’ way out of following California law.”

According to, “Drivers met up at 10 a.m. at the departures deck at LAX then started the car caravan at 11 a.m. from 10158 S. Concourse Way and along Century Boulevard.

With the COVID-19 crisis, drivers are facing severe economic hardship. For far too many of us, a $300 expense could mean having to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table or paying fines to avoid having our accounts deactivated,” Mike Robinson, a Mobile Workers Alliance leader and Lyft driver in Los Angeles, said in a news release.”

It remains to be seen if ridesharing drivers’ conditions will be improved as a result of the caravan.

California seems to be doing everything in their power to destroy this industry, and municipalities are going in the fun.

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Traveling During The Pandemic

Traveling During The Pandemic

These are unprecedented times… to say the least. The entire world has been turned on its head, and although it would appear as though things are beginning to get back to some form of normal, a number of things and regular occurrences in our lives, prior to the pandemic, are going to take some time to return to what they used to be.

There is no better example of this than the airline industry and air travel.

The airline industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that also benefits from the government giving it money on a regular basis. With that said, the pandemic has made traveling by plane a great deal different, and the number of people flying right now has reduced dramatically.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA),

“Last year, 43 million Americans traveled for Memorial Day Weekend – the second-highest travel volume on record since AAA began tracking holiday travel volumes in 2000,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president at AAA Travel. “With social distancing guidelines still in practice, this holiday weekend’s travel volume is likely to set a record low.”

Additionally, according to an article published by Fox Business,

“Going into this year’s Memorial Day weekend, 348,673 people traveled on Friday, May 22 and 253,190 people traveled on Saturday, May 23, according to checkpoint travel from the Transportation Security Administration. On the same dates the year before, 2,792,670 and 2,124,825 million people traveled, respectively.”

As it has been noted, the number of people who traveled over Memorial Day weekend this year was dramatically down from last year.

Until the public feels safe and state governments begin to exude a clear message about the virus and what to do and what not to do, the number of people who are going to travel will remain near record lows.

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January Update: Construction At LAX

January Update: Construction At LAX

One of the busiest and least pleasurable airports to travel through has a new obstacle, construction. This means that if you travel through this airport often, there are a few things you need to watch out for as the construction may affect you. Not only is the airport itself going through major changes, but the surrounding area is as well, impacting traffic. We’ve listed some of the changes you need to watch out for this year as LAX goes through a multibillion-dollar modernization project.

Aviation Boulevard

A temporary detour route has opened because Aviation Boulevard is being lowered and there will be construction of a new 98th Street extension. This route may be closed overnight or on weekends to facilitate utility work, meaning it may take longer to get into the airport.

Sepulveda Boulevard

Overnight lane closures will frequently occur between Manchester Avenue and Century Boulevard due to pavement rehabilitation. At least one through lane will remain open, and the work will only occur between 12am and 4am. If you tend to take red-eye flights, be aware of these road closures.

Other Surrounding Streets

Intermittent, short term lane closures will occur to allow for underground utility work in the area. This may affect streets such as Century Boulevard, 96th and 98th Streets, Airport Boulevard, Westchester Parkway/Arbor Vitae Street, and the streets listed above. While there will always be at least one through lane accessible, the other lane closures will create heavy traffic so make sure to leave for your flight much earlier than you were planning. 

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Holiday Travel At LAX

Holiday Travel At LAX

The mere thought of traveling through LA’s biggest airport during the biggest travel days of the year may be enough to give us all headaches. There are a million drop off lanes, overcrowded security lines, and loud families just trying to make it to their gate in time. If you’re traveling through LAX this holiday season, we thought you could use some time-saving tips!

1. Arrive Early!

 This may seem like a no-brainer to some folks, but when it comes to LAX, if you arrive on time, you’re basically already too late. Make sure to leave your house 30 minutes before you think you should to arrive on time. This will provide a cushion in case any mishaps occur. And if everything goes right, that’s an extra half hour you’ll have to read your favorite book in the terminal!

2. Get TSA Pre-check

It may seem tedious to go through the process of getting that little “TSA PRE” on your ticket, but we can assure you, it’s worth it. All you have to do is go to your nearest TSA office, fill out some paperwork, pay a small fee, and boom! No long security lines for you for the next 5 years. And you can always renew it!

3. Connection Convenience

If you aren’t willing to pay $85 for everyone in your family to get pre-check, this may be the best tip for you. At LAX, once you get through security, you can shuttle to any terminal you’d like. Research ahead of time to see which airlines have faster security and once you’re through, shuttle on over to your flight’s terminal. This way, you can skip the hassle if your airline tends to have busy security lines.

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