With the third annual COAST Open Streets Festival, you can explore and enjoy two miles of street turned festival. Therefore Main Street and Ocean Avenue are the place to be this Sunday from 10am to 4pm. And if you’ve ever driven through the area and always wanted to step out of the car and check the area out, this is your chance for unparalleled mobility freedom. You can stroll on the black asphalt as a variety of dancers, stilt-walkers, and other atypical sights make their way up and down the street.

The COAST Open Streets Festival will have live performances and DJ’s blaring music as you move through the streets. This will be fun for the whole family and might even be an opportunity to dust off your dancing shoes.

The event showcases and encourages sustainability via Santa Monica’s focus on upgrading it’s public transportation. Visitors are encouraged to make their way to and from the venue by using alternate forms of transportation. We’re talking city buses, the train, or biking/walking. Santa Monica is a wonderful place to explore when you take a break from being behind the steering wheel. Finally, an important thing to mention is that this event is absolutely free! So, if you find yourself down in Santa Monica this Sunday, you should take a moment to do some urban exploring of your own.