"Personal Driving Services is your transportation solution."

  1. What is the hourly rate?

    Rates begin at $40.00/hour + gratuity with a 3 hour continuous minimum required; 3 hour minimums are $120 for most days. Friday & Saturday rates after 5 PM are 5 hours for $200.

  2. What is your policy for determining charges?

    Your billing begins at the scheduled time at pick-up location and ends at the completion of service at the final destination. Client will be charged a 3 hour minimum for all pickups except Friday/ Saturday after 5 pm, for which a 5 hour minimum will apply. Hours are billed to the nearest half hour. There are no split shifts. Billable time commences when the chauffeur driver reports to the Client pick up point and ends when the chauffeur returns to the Client pick up point or other location previously designated. (Additional charges may apply) Travel time charge of half hour applies for pick-up of more than 30 minute travel time to pick up location. (Inquire here in)

  3. Why should I use your Personal Driving Services?

    Personal Driving Services is your Transportation Concierge in Southern California, where image is everything, car culture is trendy for those that desire special service, while maintaining the prestige, familiarity and comfort of your own vehicle. You have heard of CEO/CFOs for interim hire, now your personal driver is available on an interim basis.

  4. What is the benefit of using my vehicle?

    Why pay for a commercial fleet vehicle when your vehicle provides you with more comfort, familiarity, discretion, and security at a lower price. That’s the vehicle the driver, who you will build a relationship with and trust over time, will use.

  5. Where can I go with my personal driver?

    The answer is limitless: doctor’s appointments, concerts, sporting/golf events, special organized wine tours, and trips along California Rte.1, Las Vegas, airport (private/public), and train/cruise ship terminals. An important night out on the town—the end of the special night should not be a DUI.

  6. Pickup location

    Our driver arrives in his/her personal car to your home or business and drives you to and from your venue of choice.

  7. What caliber chauffeur can I expect?

    Personal Driving Services adheres to strict screening guidelines during the process of driver recruitment which includes a third party criminal background check & DMV investigation by ADP. DMV records are reviewed every six months to ensure our drivers compliance and competency.

  8. How is the driver dressed?

    We are of the belief while in Rome dress as the Romans do; all occasions are different demand the appropriate attire. We will listen to your preferences otherwise your chauffeur driver will be dressed in a black suit, white, gray or black shirt with a business tie.

  9. What type of experience do your drivers have?

    Personal Driving Services Drivers have numerous years of professional driving experience including the Limousine Drivers and personal driver with extensive entertainment experience.

  10. Whose insurance are we covered under?

    The driver operates under the insurance policy assigned to the vehicle to guarantee that you are fully protected under the permissive clause. The registered owner’s policy with a minimum automobile liability limits of $250,000.00 for bodily injury for each person,$500,00.00 for each accident, $50,000.00 for property damage, collision and comprehensive coverage.