Check out el Dia de los Muertos during your Halloween weekend


The classic cinematic creation: Nosferatu

This Halloween weekend promises to be a bit different from the typical. Oct 31st falls on a Monday this year, so while you will most likely not be going to any wild and crazy Halloween parties on the day, this weekend will still have some great fun. In fact, I have two great events to talk to you about. The classic Hollywood Forever cemetery will be holding one of California’s largest Dia de los Muertos celebrations. They cover the grounds with festive decorations and there are plenty of musical performances and authentic crafts. Not to mention, they encourage everyone to dress up in authentic traditional garb. I guess you can consider it practice for your Halloween costume on Monday. And if you have plans for some Halloween parties at night, consider it a good seasonal change of pace for the day / early evening.

It’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a culturally authentic experience. The event runs from Sat. October 29th from 12pm to 12am. And the event will run you about $20 for general admission, but children (8 years and younger) and seniors get in free before 4pm. I’d say it’s a great deal to get some authentic Mexican cuisine, check out some unique crafts, and listen to some appropriate festival music.

Second, the other event I want to mention also occurs on Saturday, but on Monday as well. Before there was Dracula on the big screen, there was Nosferatu. An iconic film of the silent era, Nosferatu is returning  with a live performance of its musical score. A brand new score has been created for a chamber orchestra to perform at this event! Experience the dark atmosphere, and the general creepiness level of the performance. It certainly seems to be Halloween appropriate. Not to mention, this event is taking place at the Ace Hotel in Downtown. What a gorgeous and perfect venue for the event. There will also be a pre show happy hour on Halloween. Check it out!

Here are links to the two websites so you can purchase tickets. Have a happy Halloween weekend and holiday!

Dia de los Muertos