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“Snowbird Special” inquire herein.

The term “Snowbirds” refers to people who live in colder weather states (especially states that snow in the winter) who relocate for the winter to warmer states. Some popular states that see an increase in this population include Florida, Arizona, Palm Springs (California) to name a few.

Fully vaccinated Covid 19 passengers migrating south from “the Great White North” are welcome this season for the annual pilgrimage to a warmer climate.

So, if you or a relative of yours is in the senior demographic, you want might to consider traveling by car or RV to your winter/vacation home this fall/winter.

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Long Distance Driving with Personal Driving Services (PDS)

 Is all about creating a fun, timely, safe, and Covid-compliant environment for its passengers and pets. PDS takes the anxiety and stress out of the planning of a road trip. PDS listens to the clients’ needs, and responds with suggestions to meet the clients’ requests. Clients with health issues, travel anxiety and/or pets with special needs presents PDS with the opportunity to find tailor-made solutions.
The fun part of the business is in assisting clients with the planning of road trip vacations. The USA provides a “Disneyland” level of excitement between the Atlantic and Pacific, and from Mexico to Canada.

Personal Driving Services is your “Ground Transportation Concierge”.

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Stories from the Journey

Questions for the Journey

Long Distance Solutions

Bubble Transportation: Utilizing a RV, the client enters the RV at the pickup location and does not exit the RV until they arrive at his or her destination.

You live in Santa Monica; you get a new job in New York, San Francisco or Miami and you don’t like to drive, but you would like to avoid the stress of a long drive, just sit back, and enjoy the scenery. PDS offers relocation services; we will drive you in your vehicle/rental vehicle, your family, your pet or your family motorhome. We can assist, with trip hotel reservations, car rentals, make the trip a vacation or a quick point A to Point B excursion.

You’re a senior citizen; you and your spouse, live in Montreal, Toronto, New York, hate the winter cold/snow and have your winter home in Palm Springs, California or Palm Beach, Florida. Let PDS make the drive hassle free, just sit back and relax. When the spring flowers blooms, just send us a text when you want to go home, we will make the return trip enjoyable, ounce we understand your preferences.

You have anxiety, can’t fly, can’t drive, you have medical issues, need empathy, compassion, special services and care during a long road trip. PDS is experienced in providing services tailored to our client’s specific needs..

You ever dreamed of a road trip in a 5 Star Hotel? Personal Driving Services will assist you rent a Luxurious 40’ Motorhome, provide an experienced trip concierge (driver), consulting on your itinerary and RV Campground reservation assistance and room service (set up, concierge services at locations). These services are currently available on a limited basis on the West Coast and on the East Coast with specific motorhome available by reservations, rental assistance, trip concierge (driver), and itinerary assistance.

Personal Driving Services is your solution

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Long Distance Benefits

A Luxury RV Covers Every Base, Rent a RV with a Driver
If You Hate To Fly, Why Not Ride With Us?

Getting around in style is important. A limousine might be the first thing you associate with a luxurious way to get around. However, limos are currently being eclipsed by all the amazing things luxury RVs have to offer. In fact, searches for a luxury RV rental with a personal driver have never been higher.

The amazing thing about a rental RV is that it covers all your bases in one simple package. Your RV will serve as your office, staging area, hotel room, kitchen, entertainment space, and transportation method during the course of your trip. In addition, a luxury RV typically has upscale features that traditional RVs don’t. This means you can look forward to more comfort while you’re on the road.

Personal Driving Services is your solution

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Hire a driver for your Motorhome- a Professional Driver Can Enhance Your Trip

Why Are People Turning to RVs With Drivers?

“We will drive your motorhome or you can ride in ours”

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There are many reasons why hiring a driver to chauffeur you in your luxury RV rental is a great idea. Having a driver behind the wheel can really add to your experience if you’re taking a trip with family members or friends. In fact, many people cite a reluctance to drive as a top reason for not taking a road trip. Hiring a professional driver to take care of getting you around takes away the burden of having to spend long hours behind the wheel.  People are using luxury RV rentals for so many things these days. Some people use RVs when planning vacations with friends, destination weddings, honeymoons, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. The great thing about having a driver you can rely on during a festive trip is that you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun because it’s your turn to drive.

Personalized Dream Makers – Whether you want to be whisked from your luxury motorhome to a private picnic by helicopter, or go on a hot air balloon ride over the Grand Canyon, our team will do everything they can to make your dreams come true. These personalized adventures are perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

May we suggest some great excursions?



Surf and Turf Tours – One of our favorites, this very special tour lets you spend a week touring the islands of the Caribbean on a private yacht, having your every wish fulfilled by a professional crew. After your fun in the sun, you’ll be delivered to your luxury motorhome.


  • THE GRAND CANYON So many things to see in Arizona including the Painted Desert, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Sunset Crater, Walnut Canyon, Casa Grande Ruins
  • YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Enjoy Yellowstone, Wyoming where you can also see the Grand Tetons, Bighorn Canyon, Devil’s Tower or Fort Laramie while on the way.

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