Stories from the Journey

Reflections on our journey from Rhode Island to Ohio:

This trip is one I’ll not soon forget because of its ardor for me as a new member of the handicapped. Being new, I didn’t know the rules of the game and leaned a lot on Bill to get through the experience. Thankfully, being the person Bill is, he was there for me. I greatly appreciate his efforts, since he had to put up with all my whining— because a stoic I’m not. We did encounter a bit of adventure along the way but we kept to our schedule. I could go into a lot of detail, but my shaky hands are not great for typing. Let me end this by saying if I had to make another such trip, I know who I’d call. Thanks for everything, Bill

Susan Baar

Retiring Nurse Relocation:

Dear Personal Driving Services:
I want to express my thanks for your service. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip to Kettle Falls, Wa. So much better than flying!! Your driving skills are awesome. I felt comfortable and relaxed immediately, which is rare for me in the car. My daughter and little dog were also happy with the trip as well. Thanks also for your flexibility, and willingness to work around my schedule. I even felt relaxed enough to sleep in the car, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The fact that you were able to get us all the way to our destination in 2 days was amazing-my friends could not believe it! I would not hesitate to use your service again, and I would recommend you to anyone who needs/wants a driver for short or long distances.
I would be happy to speak to any potential clients if that would be helpful at any time.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Karen Graves

Long Distance Solutions

    • You live in Santa Monica; you get a new job in New York, San Francisco or Miami and you don’t like to drive, but you would like to avoid the stress of a long drive, just sit back, and enjoy the scenery.  PDS offers relocation services; we will drive you in your vehicle/rental vehicle, your family, your pet or your family motorhome. We can assist, with trip hotel reservations, car rentals, make the trip a vacation or a quick point A to Point B excursion.


    • You’re a senior citizen; you and your spouse, live in Montreal, Toronto, New York, hate the winter cold/snow and have your winter home in Palm Springs, California or Palm Beach, Florida. Let PDS make the drive hassle free, just sit back and relax. When the spring flowers blooms, just send us a text when you want to go home, we will make the return trip enjoyable, ounce we understand your preferences.


    • You have anxiety, can’t fly, can’t drive, you have medical issues, need empathy, compassion, special services and care during a long road trip. PDS is experienced in providing services tailored to our client’s specific needs.


    • You ever dreamed of a road trip in a 5 Star Hotel? Personal Driving Services will assist you rent a Luxurious 40’ Motorhome, provide an experienced trip concierge (driver), consulting on your itinerary and RV Campground reservation assistance and room service (set up, concierge services at locations). These services are currently available on a limited basis on the West Coast and on the East Coast with specific motorhome available by reservations, rental assistance, trip concierge (driver), and itinerary assistance.

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Stories from the Journey

Reflections on our journey to Pacific Northwest:

I made the decision to move to the Pacific Northwest upon retirement prior to knowing what the 650 mile journey was going to be like. Driving long distances is not something I like to do. I also have a cat who runs the other way at the site of any stranger, so I did not know how to manage her during the move. At the same time, I am not totally comfortable just handing over my car to a transport company. I searched the internet for other options. Luckily, I came across Personal Driving Service and filled out an inquiry form. Bill contacted me, explained the service, and directed me to the website for more information. I was impressed with the testimonies from previous clients. My concerns over my cat and my car were alleviated and decided that this was how I would move. Bill took Amtrak to meet Princess and myself. He is an excellent driver, we drove overnight, and he made me feel so comfortable that I slept most of the way. Not a peep from Princess, she peeked out a couple of times and then stayed comfortably in her carrier. I am so thankful that Bill and this service is available because it made our long journey stress free.

Thanks Bill

From Washington to California:

The pickup in Kirkland was on a cool rainy morning, and involved the driver packing up the vehicle and providing a comfortable setting for the passenger and dog while on the way to their first stop in Redding, California. The passenger understated the necessity that any bathroom stops must include a bathroom stop for their dog as well, and was unaware at the onset of the trip that their dog experienced motion sickness.

They went on to highlight their strong sense of anxiety with moving from state to state, especially with their own physical disability and that of their dog as well. Interstate 5 through Oregon, for the most part, is a curvy experience for a normal ride, but due to these specialized circumstances, the trip had an added layer of difficulty for the PDS driver.

The driver made sure to calm the passenger and their dog by driving at a specific speed to not exacerbate motion sickness, along with including numerous rest stops along the first day’s 600-mile route to Redding. To help ease the fears of the passenger who had expressed anxiety about leaving their possessions in the car overnight, the PDS driver unloaded the luggage into the hotel when they arrived in Redding.

After reloading the vehicle at the start of the second day, the driver set off on the nearly 400-mile journey towards Pismo Beach. Upon conclusion of the trip, the driver unpacked the minivan for the passenger into a temporary living facility, a hotel. The passenger expressed her gratitude to the PDS driver for his compassion, empathy, and sensitivity to the unique and challenging circumstances of the trip. Finally, the driver headed south to return the rental vehicle at the Los Angeles International airport which was delivered on time at 10:00 pm 2/2.

The entire trip from airport departure on 1/31/2018 to the return of the vehicle, with a two-day rental, was done on budget and on time in a total of 2.5 days including the flight to Seattle, Washington and then driving 1,200 miles to Los Angeles.

Long Distance Benefits

A Luxury RV Covers Every Base, Rent a RV with a Driver

If You Hate To Fly, Why Not Ride With Us?

Getting around in style is important. A limousine might be the first thing you associate with a luxurious way to get around. However, limos are currently being eclipsed by all the amazing things luxury RVs have to offer. In fact, searches for a luxury RV rental with a personal driver have never been higher.

The amazing thing about a rental RV is that it covers all your bases in one simple package. Your RV will serve as your office, staging area, hotel room, kitchen, entertainment space, and transportation method during the course of your trip. In addition, a luxury RV typically has upscale features that traditional RVs don’t. This means you can look forward to more comfort while you’re on the road.

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Hire a driver for your Motorhome- a Professional Driver Can Enhance Your Trip

Why Are People Turning to RVs With Drivers?

“We will drive your motorhome or you can ride in ours”

There are many reasons why hiring a driver to chauffeur you in your luxury RV rental is a great idea. Having a driver behind the wheel can really add to your experience if you’re taking a trip with family members or friends. In fact, many people cite a reluctance to drive as a top reason for not taking a road trip. Hiring a professional driver to take care of getting you around takes away the burden of having to spend long hours behind the wheel.  People are using luxury RV rentals for so many things these days. Some people use RVs when planning vacations with friends, destination weddings, honeymoons, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. The great thing about having a driver you can rely on during a festive trip is that you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun because it’s your turn to drive.

Personalized Dream Makers – Whether you want to be whisked from your luxury motorhome to a private picnic by helicopter, or go on a hot air balloon ride over the Grand Canyon, our team will do everything they can to make your dreams come true. These personalized adventures are perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

May we suggest some great excursions?



Surf and Turf Tours – One of our favorites, this very special tour lets you spend a week touring the islands of the Caribbean on a private yacht, having your every wish fulfilled by a professional crew. After your fun in the sun, you’ll be delivered to your luxury motorhome.


  • THE GRAND CANYON So many things to see in Arizona including the Painted Desert, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Sunset Crater, Walnut Canyon, Casa Grande Ruins
  • YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Enjoy Yellowstone, Wyoming where you can also see the Grand Tetons, Bighorn Canyon, Devil’s Tower or Fort Laramie while on the way.

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Stories from the Journey

Vulnerable Patient:

“Last month, I contacted Personal Driving Services on behalf of a vulnerable patient requiring non-emergency overnight ground transport services from Northern to Southern California. Bill quickly responded to my inquiry, and scheduled the professional transport in a timely manner to meet the comfort and safety needs of the patient.

I highly recommend Personal Driving Services and Bill, an extremely trustworthy, reliable driver.”

Many thanks,
Julie Sloway, Board Certified Patient Advocate

Getting The Job Done:

“Bill Kraus at Personal Driving Services was fantastic. The service was incredibly professional and on target. I had a long day of meetings in a city over 250 miles away. Given the 8 hours of driving and 6 hours of meetings, it was a great help to have Bill drive my car. I was able to complete my work in the car and then also have the multiple meetings. Bill would make it a point to text me 10 minutes before a meeting should be concluded so that we would have time to move on to the next meeting. He ensured my car was ready at the end of each meeting and directions mapped out. I managed to be on time for every single meeting and be back home an hour early to read to my kids as well.

What typically would have been a long and tiring and somewhat stressful day was not that anymore. Bill has a fount of experience and it was great to converse with him during the drive. I had a productive day which was not tiring at all, and I was ready for work again the next day.

I am sure Bill will be helping me out next time soon.”
Paveljit Bindra