Lucha Vavoom: Circo de Vampiros

What is Lucha Vavoom you may ask? Well, it is excessive to say the least. Prepare for a bit of sensory overload. It’s a combination of burlesque dancing, Mexican luchadore wresting, comedy and acrobatics. And this is the special Halloween version of the event too! The tale of good versus evil unfolds before your eyes as you witness high-flying stunts. Don’t forget to pack some extra garlic and maybe a stake or two as you witness the vampire wrestlers fly around the ring.

This Halloween extravaganza will be held on Oct 24-25. So, basically the week before you take the little ones out for some ghoulish fun, the adults can have some fun of their own. Lucha Vavoom let’s you experience a carnival of sin and debauchery. Tickets for the event can be found right here.

This entire experience promises to be a change of pace to those of you used to casual Halloween work parties or an occasional get-together. Unless those parties have high-octane car stunts, acrobatics, pumping music, and other bits of craziness. And if your parties are typically like that, well then I’ll be expecting an invite to one of those in the future.

Cut loose and have some Halloween fun without the kiddos for once. Enjoy your Lucha Vavoom Halloween!