It’s like Monopoly but with tasty food and actual walking

This Memorial Day Weekend, Main Street in Santa Monica is offering something special. We’re talking something that appeals to Monopoly addicts and regular people alike. Intrigued? Well, if you’re not, you should be! In an effort to raise funds for Summer SOULstice and Heal the Bay, Main Street will transform into an interactive Monopoly board game. Moreover, attendees will receive special “MAINopoly dollars,” to be exchanged for food tastings across Main Street Santa Monica’s finest eateries. Additionally, you get to play a giant game of monopoly and have a chance to win some prize packages!

A little taste of what to expect

Additional details for your pleasure

GA Tickets will get you tastings at participating locations up and down Main Street. Additionally, some places will have food and drink specials, such as Happy Hour menus and $4 Beers, $5 Wells, $5 Shots at certain locations. This event can be enjoyed by all ages and is family friendly.

You can even dress up!

The event may be over saturated with people dressing up as the monopoly man, but maybe you’ll get bonus points for dressing up as one of the game pieces? Note: apparently the monopoly man’s official name is ” Rich Uncle Pennybags.” You are quite welcome for that fun fact.