Experience Dana Point Festival of Whales 2019

Become One With Nature

The Dana Point Festival of Whales gives you an opportunity to marvel at some of the planet’s most majestic creatures. The event will be held this upcoming weekend in addition to next weekend, giving you some visit options. The Festival, now in its 48th rendition, combines a parade and street fair in addition to letting you venture out into the sea to do some whale watching.

Watch Some Whales

Taken from the Dana Point Festival of Whales website: “Excursions depart every hour, on the hour, from 8 AM to 4 PM during the Festival weekends and every trip is approx. 2 hours. Prices: Adults $45, Senior and Military $35, Children 3-12 years $29, Children 2 and under are always FREE. Use promo code Fow19 save $10 off all tickets excludes special 8am and 4pm trips. For reservations call 888-224-0603 or check out our schedule and purchase online.”

So not only can you check out some typical, fun parade and street fair action, you can make your way onto the water as well. The event will contain musical performances and some tasty food. There’s a special clam chowder cook-off that I am particular excited about.

The Festival Events

A full listing of festival events can be found right here. 

You’ll be able to participate in an Arts & Culture Festival and Historical Walking Tour of Dana Point in addition to everything else previously mentioned. Take advantage of this chance to find out more about the “Whale Capital of the West.”

Photo By David Bro/For The Orange County Register.

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Santa Monica Roga

If you’re anything like me, then you are both eagerly awaiting and dreading summer. While we may have wasted the winter workout months, it’s definitely time to work on those beach bodies. Some clever, no doubt a hip millennial, person has exactly what we’re all looking for. What do you get when you mix running with yoga? Well, apparently the answer is Roga. It’s an event that is an amalgamation of the two exercise pastimes, equal parts yoga and running.

So, yeah you basically get up early on Saturday and go for a 2-5 miles run and then take a yoga class. However, to sweeten the pot, this event occurs at the classic Santa Monica pier. If there was ever a venue that could combine to make for an interesting run and yoga spot it’s that pier. Roga is the cure for what ails us lazy, inflexible people. Although, I may be projecting. Let’s just say historically running is the easy part for me.

But I digress. This sounds like the perfect event to recruit some good friends and get a nice summer preview. This event starts at 8am this Saturday and April 22nd as well. So, you’ll have two separate occasions to get your Roga on at the pier. Here is a link for more info. Let’s get those bodies moving! Namaste!

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Fun in the Sun with Surf City Surf Dog

If you find yourself in the Huntington Beach area this weekend, make sure you check out Surf City Surf Dog. An important thing to know about me is that I love dogs. Although, maybe that isn’t a shocking revelation, because Dogs are undeniably awesome. Coincidentally, I am also quite a fan of the beach, and while I’ve never gone surfing before, the prospect is interesting to me. This event is a culmination of all those goodies. Not to mention that it’s a Surf Dog competition! Time for some fun in the sun with your family and four-legged friends. And if I’m not successful in my attempts to convince you to go, at least let this picture of a bulldog surfing be all the argument that I need.


Surf City Surf Dog is currently taking place in Huntington Beach. However, the actual surf competition aspect of the event doesn’t begin until tomorrow. And if you just so happen to look, or go outside, you may notice that it’s pretty hot this weekend. I think it’s a plenty good idea to go to the beach. The competition starts tomorrow at 8 AM right at Main Street Huntington Beach. So the temperature should be pretty nice and not too blazing. And here is a link to Surf City Surf Dog’s website. Enjoy your weekend everyone, and surfs up!



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Hush Concerts at Santa Monica Pier


I have to tell you about a really interesting and super unique music event that is happening this Saturday. It’s name is Hush Concerts and it takes place at around 7pm on the Santa Monica Pier. Although, you may ask: why is this event any different than the other musical events/concerts you’ve mentioned in the past? And my answer to that would be: hush. No, but seriously, hush. Hush Concerts is a special series of silent concerts. I can only imagine what this looks like to outside observers, watching a crowd of people dance around to apparently no music. However, in reality, things are not always what they seem.

Instead of pumping up the music with high-tech speakers,  each audience member will be given a pair of headphones to listen to. And given the genre of music that is going to be played this Saturday, headphones are pretty appropriate. DJ Motion Potion will be gracing Hush Concerts with his presence and bringing his popular Radiohead set music with him. To make matters even more interesting he will be doing battle with DJ PZB and his Daft Punk set. Personally, I am a big fan of both both Radiohead and Daft Punk, so I can imagine how sick this will sound. I wish I was attending because this sounds like loads of fun. However, don’t worry you will hear about the event I DO attend this Saturday.

This is an opportunity to listen to two of Southern California’s hottest DJ’s at an unforgettable venue. And considering that the event takes place at 7pm, it’s perfect sunset time. You definitely want to go check out this last little bit of Summer goodness while you still can. This is the finale of the Hush Concerts series at Santa Monica for the season.Here is a link to the event website. Enjoy! 



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Me Gusta La Fiesta Hermosa


If you are looking for a last minute Labor Day idea, then you’re in luck. Check out Fiesta Hermosa which concludes this evening in Hermosa Beach. There are plenty of things to do to fill up a few hours this afternoon. You can even go and still have time for a post-fiesta Labor Day BBQ at home. If you want to involve the whole family, the Fiesta Hermosa has carnival rides and a petting zoo for the kiddies. And if you’re a kiddie of a bigger sort, there’s some good times to be had at the beer and wine garden. Not to mention the fine selection of foods that will be on hand. We’re talking caramel apples, cotton candy, AND funnel cakes. I would say that Labor Day is as good a time as any to indulge ourselves, wouldn’t you? To be honest, they had me at funnel cakes.

There are musical guests in case you want your labor day to contain some fat beats and some smooth groove. Another major draw is just the fact that you’ll be in Hermosa Beach itself. The weather seems to be just right, not too hot or cold. Let the palm trees of the beach cool you as you make your way through the festival booths. Forecasts say that we’re looking at the mid 70s for the area today. Perfect weather to check out the over 300 artists– photographers, jewelers, and sculptors–that will be at the event.

Make your way to the beach, Hermosa Beach to be exact, and enjoy your Labor Day! Fiesta Hermosa runs until this evening. I hope everyone’s long weekend has served them well and look forward to seeing what the rest of the week has in store. Until next time.

Check out the event website here for more details. 


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Twilight Concerts | Santa Monica Pier


Take a break from your Pokémon Go exploits and head out to Santa Monica on Thursday nights this summer! (Or use this event as an excuse to grab some water Pokémon by the pier…)

The Santa Monica pier hosts an eclectic mix of musicians for their Twilight Concerts series. Featured artists include: Mayer Hawthorne, Borns, The Psychedlic Furs, Natalia Lafourcade, and Rufus Du Sol. You can also listen to the talents of Mavis Stables, Save Ferris, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Ohio Players.  This Thursday’s performer is  Protoje & The Indiggnation. These different artists encompass a variety of different genres. Genres like Nu soul, Indie Rock, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Dance, Classic, 90s Alt, and Disco.

There’s a good chance that no matter what type of music you’re into, you’ll find a concert that works for you. Not to mention the price of admission—absolutely free—a price that works for everyone. And of course another reason to go is to explore the wonderful landmark that is the Santa Monica Pier. Spend some time on the beach and in the water, or walk along the pier and grab some food while you check out the pier’s many attractions.

As a matter of fact, the concert series could be a great opportunity to try some restaurants on the pier. Maybe you can try some Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., or Rusty’s Surf Ranch?

Also of note, the  Twilight Concerts typically run from 7 to 10pm, and the series itself runs from July 7th to September 8th.


Here’s a Link to the website for more details.



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Surf Rodeo – Ride them waves..Cowboy?


If you are looking for some fun in the sun this weekend, look no further than the Surf Rodeo. But what is a Surf Rodeo, you may ask? It is an opportunity for fun for the whole family. The event takes place at the Pierpont Beach in Ventura and takes advantage of the entire venue. What can you expect to find at the Surf Rodeo besides what is in the name? There will be music, food trucks, and beer gardens. So, while you’re listening to the over 25 bands that will be gracing the festival with their presence, you can grab a bite to eat and something to wash it down with. And you can also occupy your time with a bikini contest, a charity silent auction and a street fair! Oh, and in case you did not realize, you can also surf and hang out on the beach!

The festival runs from Saturday July 16th through Sunday the 17th. So basically your plans for the weekend are all set now. But lest I forget to mention the event’s most interesting and exciting details. If you arrive by 7am on both Saturday and Sunday, you can participate in the surf competition. This event gives the participants the opportunity to ride vintage surfboards. It seems like the deadline has already passed to participate in all of the surf events, but it will still be a sight worth seeing as an observer.

Finally, the rodeo aspect of “Surf Rodeo” entails basically what you would normally imagine. There will be mechanical bull riding, cornhole competitions, and even a greased pig contest. This event certainly contains a unique blend of both beach/surf and cowboy/rodeo qualities.

Here is Surf Rodeo’s promotional video from last year. And here is a Link to the Surf Rodeo site. Enjoy your waves, cowboys and cowgirls!



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