One of the busiest and least pleasurable airports to travel through has a new obstacle, construction. This means that if you travel through this airport often, there are a few things you need to watch out for as the construction may affect you. Not only is the airport itself going through major changes, but the surrounding area is as well, impacting traffic. We’ve listed some of the changes you need to watch out for this year as LAX goes through a multibillion-dollar modernization project.

Aviation Boulevard

A temporary detour route has opened because Aviation Boulevard is being lowered and there will be construction of a new 98th Street extension. This route may be closed overnight or on weekends to facilitate utility work, meaning it may take longer to get into the airport.

Sepulveda Boulevard

Overnight lane closures will frequently occur between Manchester Avenue and Century Boulevard due to pavement rehabilitation. At least one through lane will remain open, and the work will only occur between 12am and 4am. If you tend to take red-eye flights, be aware of these road closures.

Other Surrounding Streets

Intermittent, short term lane closures will occur to allow for underground utility work in the area. This may affect streets such as Century Boulevard, 96th and 98th Streets, Airport Boulevard, Westchester Parkway/Arbor Vitae Street, and the streets listed above. While there will always be at least one through lane accessible, the other lane closures will create heavy traffic so make sure to leave for your flight much earlier than you were planning. 

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