The Taste of Los Angeles

The LA Times Presents “The Taste”

The Taste has become one of the most well-known foodie shindigs in Los Angeles. The best restaurants that the city has to offer come down every year to show off their delicious offerings. The dog days of summer are upon us. But there’s no better way to enjoy Labor Day than to stuff your face with the best food you can get your hands on. From August 30th through September 1st, The Taste will beckon you to the Paramount back-lot for unlimited food and drinks.

What can you expect to find there? How about Bazaar by José Andrés, Rao’s, Le Comptoir, Park’s BBQ, SLAB, Salazar, Jitlada, Triple Beam Pizza, Employees Only, Freedman’s, Ghengis Cohen, Bone Kettle and Izakaya Osen. And there’s far more where that came from!

Not to mention, besides the scrumptious food, you can expect some insightful panel discussions and demonstrations which will be hosted by LA Times’ editors. Now you may be wondering how much this fiesta of food with its limitless options will cost you—I got you covered. Tickets for each night of The Taste will be $115 per person and $190 for some exclusive VIP goodness. You can claim your tickets right here.

I’d say that’ll be money well spent when your stomach is filled with the best food the city has to offer.

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Summer Fun at the OC Fair

Nothing Says Summer Like the OC Fair

The OC Fair brings you together with one of SoCal’s most entertaining summer traditions. Sure, we have the Ventura County Fair or the LA Fair as well, but there is something special about the OC Fair.

(Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

The fair mixes tasty fried food along with every type of carnival attraction you could possibly imagine. And in case you haven’t found yourself in more country-oriented areas, you can check out cute farm animals and the occasional rodeo or demolition derby.

I definitely wouldn’t plan on maintaining any sort of dietary restrictions while at the fair, as evidenced by the picture above. If there was ever a time for a little bit of a cheat day, it would be when attending this fair. I am not entirely sure if I’m seeing whipped cream or ice cream on top of those fries. I am both curious and horrified.

However, I am fully in support of this Flaming Hot Cheeto Pizza. I know what I am ordering when I head down to Costa Mesa this weekend. The OC Fair will conclude in early August so you have a little bit of time to check it out. All the details you could possibly want can be found right here at the event website. Enjoy your summer and the OC Fair.

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Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival 2019

A Taste of New Orleans

This Memorial Day Weekend will give you an opportunity to eat tasty food, listen to soulful music, and donate your hard-earned funds to great causes. The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise will present their 30th rendition of the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival. I am personally a huge fan of Cajun food and enjoy the prospect of munching on some Gumbo and Jambalaya. I am not as well-versed when it comes to the Blues, but if there was ever a good opportunity to check it out, this would be it.


They definitely know their food, music, and parties down in New Orleans. This weekend will find a bit of New Orleans in Simi Valley. Whether you have the same palate as myself or are more inclined for their funnel cake and kettle corn, you’ll find something delicious to eat. And while you stuff your face with food, live music will be covering the event grounds.

Musical performers at the Cajun & Blues Festival will include Jefferson Starship, Spin Doctors, and 3 Sista Blues. In addition, the event also features a Mardi Gras Parade each day and special New Orleans inspired Arts & Crafts. The whole family will have something to enjoy this weekend.

Tickets and additional details can be found right here

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100 % Festival at The Otis College of Art and Design

The 100% Festival

What drives you to your 100%? What inspires your creativity, mind, and soul? The Otis College of Art and Design is celebrating their 100th year by inspiring you this weekend. The 100% Festival is a two-day opportunity to explore art and design on the campus. The event features creative workshops, speakers, a Makers Market, food trucks, music, and more. What sort of things can you do, you may wonder. Well, try weaving a phone case, learn to draw a live owl, and explore the inner workings of toy design. You can hear from a Disney animator, and learn about various forms of painting, photography, and fashion. The Otis College of Art and Design knows how to throw a centennial celebration.

What inspires me? Well, I love photography and wish I could draw better! This is a great opportunity for people to explore some of the art that inspires them. You’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and maybe learn a thing or two. The best part is that the event is totally free! Although you do have to pay at the food trucks and whatnot, obviously. So, if you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, check out the Otis College campus.

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Abbot Kinney Festival 2018

The 34th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival

If you can make it to 34 years doing anything it’s safe to assume you’re doing something right. Well, let’s just say the folks behind the Abbot Kinney Festival know a thing or two. They know how to put together a fun day of shopping. music, food, and all around fun. The festivities close down the aforementioned Abbot Kinney St. and fills it with goodies for the whole family.

Abbot Kinney is Venice when you try and think of what Venice is. It already has a cool vibe and would be worthy of a visit on it’s own, but this event gives you that plus much more. Admission to the festival is totally free, but if you want access to one of the event’s 3 beer gardens, you’ll need to purchase a wristband. It’ll run you about $5 for the wristband, and $35 for a fast pass if you want to skip all the lines.

The Abbot Kinney Festival will allow local vendors to show off their wares as visitors move from booth to booth down the street. However, if you’re more musically inclined, you’re still in the right place. The festival will have 4 stages with upwards of 20 musicians and bands ready to keep those good vibes going.

Spend your Sunday having fun and exploring all the great offerings that Abbot Kinney has in store.

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Play A Game Of MAINopoly

It’s like Monopoly but with tasty food and actual walking

This Memorial Day Weekend, Main Street in Santa Monica is offering something special. We’re talking something that appeals to Monopoly addicts and regular people alike. Intrigued? Well, if you’re not, you should be! In an effort to raise funds for Summer SOULstice and Heal the Bay, Main Street will transform into an interactive Monopoly board game. Moreover, attendees will receive special “MAINopoly dollars,” to be exchanged for food tastings across Main Street Santa Monica’s finest eateries. Additionally, you get to play a giant game of monopoly and have a chance to win some prize packages!

A little taste of what to expect

Additional details for your pleasure

GA Tickets will get you tastings at participating locations up and down Main Street. Additionally, some places will have food and drink specials, such as Happy Hour menus and $4 Beers, $5 Wells, $5 Shots at certain locations. This event can be enjoyed by all ages and is family friendly.

You can even dress up!

The event may be over saturated with people dressing up as the monopoly man, but maybe you’ll get bonus points for dressing up as one of the game pieces? Note: apparently the monopoly man’s official name is ” Rich Uncle Pennybags.” You are quite welcome for that fun fact.

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Behold the Masters of Taste

Not quite He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Masters of Taste are probably the next best thing. And if you’re particularly hungry, one could even say they are the true masters. This Sunday, May 6th, the Masters of Taste will be heading to the historic Rosebowl in Pasadena to share their delicious foods and drinks with lucky attendees. Moreover, the event will give 100% of proceeds to the great Union Station Homeless Services. So, not only will you be able to wine and dine, you’ll fill your bellies knowing you’re giving back to the community.

The event begins at the Rosebowl at 3pm on Sunday and tickets are expected to run you from $105 to $165 for general admission and VIP, respectively. Now you may be wondering, what exactly will be at this event? The answer to that question is: unlimited samplings from some of L.A.’s most unique and eclectic chefs, restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, and mixologists.

About 2,500 guests are expected from all throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Over 50 Culinary Masters and restaurants from Redbird, Bourbon Steak and Lunasia Dim Sum House, to Bone Kettle, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Ramen Tatsunoya–chances are every unique taste will be catered to satisfactorily. Not to mention the festival will also include an array of signature sweets prepared by L.A.’s finest Sweet Masters, and signature handcrafted cocktails and tastings from over 25 Beverage Masters. Be it salty, savory, sweet, or thirsty–you’ll be in the right place to find your culinary desires met. Additional details about Masters of Taste can be found right here. My mouth is watering and ready for Sunday, how about you?

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Experience A SaddleRock Garden Dinner

A Delicious and Healthy Dinner Event

Another Great SaddleRock Event

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, PDS is a big fan of SaddleRock Ranch and Malibu Wines. They are local and offer fantastic visuals and a first rate experience. And i’m here again to tell you about a cool series of events held at SaddleRock. It’s called SaddleRock Garden Dinner, it’s held periodically, and it gives you an opportunity to become a part of the ever-expanding farm-to-table movement.

Farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork)  is a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer. The farm-to-table movement has arisen more or less with changes in attitudes about food safety, food freshness,  and food seasonality. Advocates and practitioners of the farm-to-table model frequently cite the scarcity of fresh, local ingredients; the poor flavor of ingredients shipped from afar; and the poor nutritional integrity of shipped ingredients, among other things.

Malibu Wine Safari

Time to Eat

Moreover, the idea behind these type of events, including what SaddleRock Garden Dinner is doing, is giving people an opportunity to taste delicious locally-sourced food. At SaddleRock, a highly-touted local chef will plan out a 5-course meal utilizing vegetables grown from their own organic garden. In addition, Dinner service involves a combination of family platters and buffet style. The expert dinner planners pair an initial wine with the beginning appetizer dishes and a 2nd wine with the main entree. Equally important, not only will you be dining fine, you’ll be wining fine as well.

Furthermore, the dinner itself tends to have a duration of about 2 hours, but with all the socializing and mingling with your fellow guests, the whole experience will be around 5 hours. Lastly, tickets for the event will run you about $130 per ticket. Additional details about the event, including where to buy the tickets can be found right here.

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LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show

Another day another con to tell you about. This time we’re talking about the LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show, now in its second year.

In a bit of a last minute post, this event actually starts later today! However, tickets are still available and even if you catch the tail end of today’s festivities you still have all of tomorrow to consume your sweet treats. Yes, this event will provide you with numerous free samples of tasty cookies and sweets for you to indulge in. Although apparently last year’s event was a bit of a chaotic affair, the LA Cookie Con organizers have learned from last year’s tribulations. The event is now two days instead of one, and also occupies a much bigger venue.

Honestly, have you ever seen something more aesthetically pleasing than these cookies? I don’t know if i’d want to bite into them or just admire them as works of art. LA Cookie Con also features many celebrity chefs and social media influencers. So, chances are if you’ve seen some Instagrammable cookies recently, their purveyors will be in attendance. Tickets for LA Cookie Con can be found right here

One day tickets will run you about $25 for adults and $12 for the kiddies. I hope you packed your sweet tooth! See you there!

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Pasadena Cheeseburger Week


Way back in 1924, Lionel Sternberger is in the midst of crafting up a tasty hamburger  at Pasadena’s Rite Spot. Suddenly, struck by a monumental thought “the burger needs a little something extra,” his eyes fall towards a simple slice of American cheese. And just like that, the world witnesses the birth of the cheeseburger. Also, it’s important to note, that little bit of food revolution is still ongoing to this day. Fittingly, in honor of changing the world, Pasadena comes together to celebrate its prodigal son with a week dedicated to all things cheeseburger. I present to you, Pasadena Cheeseburger Week

Cheeseburger fans from across the land can come together and choose from over forty restaurants to take advantage of burger deals and special creations in honor of that special sandwich. Not to mention, patrons can also vote in the Cheeseburger Challenge. This annual week-long celebration begins tomorrow, January 7th. Additional details can be found at the event website right here.

Participating restaurants include everything from Umami Burger to Plate 38. And all of these fine establishments are in Pasadena. Nevertheless, not only will you get to check out beautiful old town Pasadena, you get to do it while munching on some tasty cheeseburger deals. You should definitely spend next week taking advantage of Pasadena Cheeseburger Week.

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