The Taste of Los Angeles

The LA Times Presents “The Taste”

The Taste has become one of the most well-known foodie shindigs in Los Angeles. The best restaurants that the city has to offer come down every year to show off their delicious offerings. The dog days of summer are upon us. But there’s no better way to enjoy Labor Day than to stuff your face with the best food you can get your hands on. From August 30th through September 1st, The Taste will beckon you to the Paramount back-lot for unlimited food and drinks.

What can you expect to find there? How about Bazaar by José Andrés, Rao’s, Le Comptoir, Park’s BBQ, SLAB, Salazar, Jitlada, Triple Beam Pizza, Employees Only, Freedman’s, Ghengis Cohen, Bone Kettle and Izakaya Osen. And there’s far more where that came from!

Not to mention, besides the scrumptious food, you can expect some insightful panel discussions and demonstrations which will be hosted by LA Times’ editors. Now you may be wondering how much this fiesta of food with its limitless options will cost you—I got you covered. Tickets for each night of The Taste will be $115 per person and $190 for some exclusive VIP goodness. You can claim your tickets right here.

I’d say that’ll be money well spent when your stomach is filled with the best food the city has to offer.

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Hungry? It’s time for the All-Star Chef Classic

Starting tomorrow March 8th and running until the 11th, the All-Star Chef Classic is coming to LA Live. Experience the high octane thrills and chills of watching masters of their craft reside within their element. Okay, so admittedly it might not be quite as exciting as watching death defying leaps of faith or exploits of physical prowess. However, if you’re a big foodie, you may be so inclined as to check it out. How does one not find substantial joy in food? Last time I checked we all have to eat, right?

I always maintain the thought that if you love to eat, you should have a deep appreciation of cooking. It’s not just simply a means to an end. Cooking is truly an art form in itself. All-Star Chef Classic gives you a chance to watch some artists at work. Although, I’ll admit that this is probably not going to portray the true authenticity of cooking in a personal kitchen. The fanfare and blinding arena-style lights will just add a bit of majesty to the proceedings. Did I mention that you get to eat at the same time? At least for me, that is crucial information to have.

Split into the Restaurant Stadium, Chef’s Tasting Arena, and All-Star Chef Classic Vineyard, the event will thrill your eyes, fill your stomach, and cleanse your pallet. You can sample the work of world famous chefs, and the event is hosted by notable food network personalities.  Here is a link to the event website so you can try and snag some last minute tickets. Enjoy some fine dining and wine!

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