The Taste of Los Angeles

The LA Times Presents “The Taste”

The Taste has become one of the most well-known foodie shindigs in Los Angeles. The best restaurants that the city has to offer come down every year to show off their delicious offerings. The dog days of summer are upon us. But there’s no better way to enjoy Labor Day than to stuff your face with the best food you can get your hands on. From August 30th through September 1st, The Taste will beckon you to the Paramount back-lot for unlimited food and drinks.

What can you expect to find there? How about Bazaar by José Andrés, Rao’s, Le Comptoir, Park’s BBQ, SLAB, Salazar, Jitlada, Triple Beam Pizza, Employees Only, Freedman’s, Ghengis Cohen, Bone Kettle and Izakaya Osen. And there’s far more where that came from!

Not to mention, besides the scrumptious food, you can expect some insightful panel discussions and demonstrations which will be hosted by LA Times’ editors. Now you may be wondering how much this fiesta of food with its limitless options will cost you—I got you covered. Tickets for each night of The Taste will be $115 per person and $190 for some exclusive VIP goodness. You can claim your tickets right here.

I’d say that’ll be money well spent when your stomach is filled with the best food the city has to offer.

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Santana Comes To The Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl Welcomes A Legend

The Hollywood Bowl is welcoming the legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, next Monday, June 24th. He’s not coming by himself though, he’s also going to be bringing The Doobie Brothers as backup. If you’re a fan of guitar prowess and Rock & Roll, then you better make your way to The Bowl– it’s going to get popping. Santana is on tour right now celebrating the past 20 years since his legendary album, “Supernatural,” took the world and our collective ears by storm. Not to mention, if you were needing any more reasons to celebrate, his tour is also honoring the 50th anniversary of the seminal Woodstock Concert.

What are some of your favorite Santana songs over these past 50 years? I personally have to go with Maria Maria.

Ticket details and Hollywood Bowl policies can be found right here.

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Visit The Los Angeles Art Show

The Los Angeles Art Show

Next week some of the greatest Contemporary and Modern Art around will be in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center. It’s time for the 2019 rendition of the Los Angeles Art Show. There’s something for everyone to like at one of the country’s oldest art shows. Additionally, while certainly a mecca for Contemporary and Modern Art, the show also features Historic and Traditional Art as well.

Additionally, more than 200,000 square feet of exhibition space is committed to today’s prominent galleries at what has been called “The Most Comprehensive International Contemporary Art Show in America.” In fact, the event showcases contemporary painting, illustration, sculpture, and more. Therefore, no matter what your artistic persuasion is the Los Angeles Art Show will have you covered.

Here is a listing of all the different exhibits that will be featured at the event:

  1. Core
  2. Modern & Contemporary
  4. Featured Programming
  5. Roots
  6. Ink Painting
  7. Littletopia
  8. Dialogs LA
  9. Project Space
  10. Works On Paper
  11. Ethnographic Art
  12. LUXURY pbsg

Detailed explanations of just what each exhibit will offer (not to mention ticketing information) can be found right here.

The event will run from January 23rd through the 27th. Go forth art aficionados!

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Date Night at Grand Park

Check Out Grand Park 

This weekend, or any weekend during December for that matter, is the perfect opportunity for a great date night. The park is hosting its seasonal art installation, “Winter Glow,” throughout the month. If you find yourself in the area during the evening, you’ll find yourself walking through a beautiful winter wonderland. Well, minus the snow and reindeer.

Winter Glow is a new month-long, immersive nighttime art experience that will take over Grand Park in celebration of the holidays.  Visitors can stroll together through this 12-acre art, projection and light display, exhibit and installation and experience the wonder of Grand Park lit up like never before.  Iconic elements of the park, including the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, will shine in new and exciting ways. And once you’re done making your way around the park you can make your way to one of Grand Park’s most popular restaurants.

Welcome to Maacheroni Republic

Maacheroni Republic offers its customers artisan homemade fresh organic pasta. And not only is the restaurant’s pasta dishes the delicious main draw, but they also have fantastic dessert offerings too. Whether you want some Lasanga di Carne, Rigatoni Pom’Amore or Tiramisu, this restaurant’s got you covered.


Have yourself a wonderful, seasonal date night and make your way down to Grand Park!

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The Hollywood Christmas Parade

Some Post-Thanksgiving Plans

I know what you’re thinking, Hollywood Christmas Parade? Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you’re already talking about Christmas, what gives? Well, I’d imagine we all have our minds firmly set on munching on some delicious turkey and stuffing during dinner tomorrow. Although, obviously the main part of the holiday is the giving thanks part. I want you to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I want you to be thankful for all that you have, especially in turbulent times such as these. And I want you to enjoy a delicious family dinner if you’re able to have one. However, at this point I am just assuming that you have your holiday plans all set for the next couple of days, and that’s why I’m setting you up for a fun weekend. We all know that December brings with it some specific holiday merriment. Let’s get a head start this weekend shall we?

Santa Comes to Hollywood a Month Early

Wait a second. That’s not Santa, that’s Superman! If you’re looking for some fun times this weekend, you’ll have a chance to bring the kids down to Hollywood. That’s right it’s time for the Hollywood Christmas Parade. 

From Superman to Darth Vader, the Hollywood Christmas Parade puts just as much emphasis on the Hollywood as they do on the Christmas. This Sunday, November 25th, starting at around 5pm make sure you snag a spot to see the parade festivities. You can expect to see numerous floats, celebrities, marching bands, and other types of exciting performances. And luckily if you can’t make it this year in person, you’ll be able to watch the parade on the CW network on December 15th. Head down to Hollywood this Sunday and mix a little bit of Hollywood Stars with your Christmas pregame. Additional information about the event can be found right here at the official parade website.

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100 % Festival at The Otis College of Art and Design

The 100% Festival

What drives you to your 100%? What inspires your creativity, mind, and soul? The Otis College of Art and Design is celebrating their 100th year by inspiring you this weekend. The 100% Festival is a two-day opportunity to explore art and design on the campus. The event features creative workshops, speakers, a Makers Market, food trucks, music, and more. What sort of things can you do, you may wonder. Well, try weaving a phone case, learn to draw a live owl, and explore the inner workings of toy design. You can hear from a Disney animator, and learn about various forms of painting, photography, and fashion. The Otis College of Art and Design knows how to throw a centennial celebration.

What inspires me? Well, I love photography and wish I could draw better! This is a great opportunity for people to explore some of the art that inspires them. You’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and maybe learn a thing or two. The best part is that the event is totally free! Although you do have to pay at the food trucks and whatnot, obviously. So, if you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, check out the Otis College campus.

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Vampyr and Halloween After-Party

Vampyr at the Ace Hotel

The LA Opera and the Theatre at Ace Hotel once again join forces for a spooky mash-up of opera and film. The Ace’s gothic auditorium is the perfect venue for this screening of the 1932 surrealist horror flick Vampyr. And this event gives you the opportunity to see the film with a live accompaniment from a chamber orchestra and singers. Stick around after the performance for the LA Opera’s costume party. If you don’t have any kiddos to trick or treat with, and you don’t want to be cooped up at home, check this out. Witness the classic horror and let the gripping musical score enthrall you.

The Vampyr

“I wanted to create a waking dream on screen and show that horror is not to be found in the things around us but in our own subconscious,” said Danish film-maker Carl Theodor Dreyer, whose loose adaptation of two stories from Sheridan Le Fanu (Carmilla and The Room in the Dragon Volant) was initially conceived as a silent movie. Sound was added during production, but the film’s trance-like images stand on their own. They create a visual poem in which the action seems to take place on the cusp of dreams and reality. The Guardian Newspaper described he film as such and also listed it as a top 10 horror film of all time. Vampyr is probably not like most horror movies that you’ve seen, but the experience of it is chilling in ways that It, Freddy, or Jason may not be.


Tickets for this special show shown at the wonderful Ace Hotel Theatre can be found right here.

LA Opera and The Theatre at Ace Hotel invite attendees to a Halloween party with music and cash bar. Included with ticket to the Vampyr performance. Talk about bang for your buck! Your Halloween, should you desire to brave the act of going out on a Wednesday night, will surely be a good time.

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COAST Open Streets Festival

With the third annual COAST Open Streets Festival, you can explore and enjoy two miles of street turned festival. Therefore Main Street and Ocean Avenue are the place to be this Sunday from 10am to 4pm. And if you’ve ever driven through the area and always wanted to step out of the car and check the area out, this is your chance for unparalleled mobility freedom. You can stroll on the black asphalt as a variety of dancers, stilt-walkers, and other atypical sights make their way up and down the street.

The COAST Open Streets Festival will have live performances and DJ’s blaring music as you move through the streets. This will be fun for the whole family and might even be an opportunity to dust off your dancing shoes.

The event showcases and encourages sustainability via Santa Monica’s focus on upgrading it’s public transportation. Visitors are encouraged to make their way to and from the venue by using alternate forms of transportation. We’re talking city buses, the train, or biking/walking. Santa Monica is a wonderful place to explore when you take a break from being behind the steering wheel. Finally, an important thing to mention is that this event is absolutely free! So, if you find yourself down in Santa Monica this Sunday, you should take a moment to do some urban exploring of your own.

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Abbot Kinney Festival 2018

The 34th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival

If you can make it to 34 years doing anything it’s safe to assume you’re doing something right. Well, let’s just say the folks behind the Abbot Kinney Festival know a thing or two. They know how to put together a fun day of shopping. music, food, and all around fun. The festivities close down the aforementioned Abbot Kinney St. and fills it with goodies for the whole family.

Abbot Kinney is Venice when you try and think of what Venice is. It already has a cool vibe and would be worthy of a visit on it’s own, but this event gives you that plus much more. Admission to the festival is totally free, but if you want access to one of the event’s 3 beer gardens, you’ll need to purchase a wristband. It’ll run you about $5 for the wristband, and $35 for a fast pass if you want to skip all the lines.

The Abbot Kinney Festival will allow local vendors to show off their wares as visitors move from booth to booth down the street. However, if you’re more musically inclined, you’re still in the right place. The festival will have 4 stages with upwards of 20 musicians and bands ready to keep those good vibes going.

Spend your Sunday having fun and exploring all the great offerings that Abbot Kinney has in store.

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The Pop Art Photo Show

Pop Into the Pop Art Photo Show

On September 27-30 the master of pop-culture art and collectibles, Limited Runs, is presenting their first ever Pop Art Photo Show. This will be an opportunity to check out  some of the most influential contemporary pop art artists currently working today. Additionally, it’ll be your chance to find high quality vintage film posters, poignant photography, and all-around print goodness. Limited Runs gives you the chance to purchase high-quality pieces that are perfect for injecting some flavor into the home or workplace.

The Barker Hangar Welcomes You

For any art show a very important an oftentimes overlooked detail is the chosen venue. The Pop Art Photo Show will be taking place at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. And the hangar  feels like a piece of art itself, so it’s a perfect venue for this show. The show features an interactive space showcasing rare and vintage images bridging all varieties of pop culture. What does that entail exactly? Well, one of the neat things about this event is that it has a mobile app component. As visitors walk around and encounter art pieces they can pull up the mobile app and find details about the piece, the artist, and even purchasing options.

Featured Artists

Artists expected to participate in the Pop Art Photo Show include: Jim Evans, Dennis Morris, Neil Zlozower, Connie Conway, and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

Additionally, some of Mike Shinoda’s work can be seen below.

Finally, whether you are a contemporary art aficionado or a Linkin Park fan wanting to support Mike Shinoda, this art show is for you. And if you’re willing to shell out $30 for GA tickets you can get them right here.

I know that I am personally excited and interested in checking out this event. It might be time to upgrade some of the wall art in the bedroom.

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