Stomp at the Pantages Theater

Listen to that Loud Stomp


Stomp, in case you’re unfamiliar with them,  features an eight-member troupe that dance, and create music with unconventional instruments. Combining these two concepts creates a truly unique, cinematic experience. Audiences won’t find conventional instruments on or near the stage. Instead, items like water bottles, wooden poles, garbage cans, and hubcaps create rhythms for them to dance and react to. So when you go to a Stomp performance, especially at an iconic venue such as the Pantages, you’re guaranteed a memorable experience.

Performances will run from April 24th through the 29th at the Pantages Theater. Tickets are expected to run anywhere from $25 to $145 depending on how close to the action you want to get. You can find additional info and buy tickets right here.

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A New Year’s Night

The New Year is just a few days away. No matter whether or not you’ve had a great or not-so-great year, this is always an exciting time. And whether or not you subscribe to the notion of creating New Year’s resolutions, the start of a new year is a great time to get into a positive life rhythm. I personally wish you all well as we venture forth into the unknown.

However, tonight is one final time to dance the night away with 2017. And tomorrow, and in the coming days, a chance to acquaint yourself with 2018. Furthermore, there is plenty of stuff going on around the Southland tonight, as you very well may imagine. Additionally, one such event is the NYE celebration at Grand Park, right next to Los Angeles City Hall.

If you don’t have plans already for tonight, you should check it out. There will be a DJ dropping some popular 2017 tunes, and live bands helping you keep warm by feeding your dancing needs. However, the coolest thing will be the fact that they use City Hall as a 22 story projector and will be showering it with cool images the whole night. And, if you’re trying to avoid dealing with excessive NYE prices, like me, then you’ll be happy to know this event is totally free. Here are some details for the event. I also feel as though I should mention that this is a dry event. So, basically you won’t be able to directly blame this event for any potential hangover tomorrow morning.

On the other hand, if you are feeling a little fancy ($), you can check out Union Station for a New Year’s Eve Prohibition party. This event features an open bar and entrance will set you back $175. So, it’s a little pricey, but certainly suggests a full-featured experience. The prohibition party features authentic 1920’s decorations, Jazz, Burlesque dancers, and custom cocktails. You will also be joined by hordes of good-looking 1920’s garbed people as you celebrate the new year. Find more details here!

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L.A. County Holiday Celebration


The holiday season reaches peak prominence over the next few days. The L.A. County Holiday Celebration will help your ears prepare for some holiday spirit. Angelenos of all ages are welcome to attend this seasonal fiesta at the Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, located on Grand ave right in Los Angeles. The show is broadcast live on PBS SoCal, live streamed right here and presented live at the venue (obviously).The holiday celebration features more than 20 choirs, music ensembles and dance troupes from all over the city. The free three-hour show opens its doors at 2:30pm on Sunday, and organizers actually encourage people to pop in and out of the show as they please. Everything from an all-female mariachi band to a Korean dance troupe will be there to delight your spirit with some holiday glee. This is also the 58th annual L.A County Holiday Celebration so it is a tradition worth adopting and making a part of your holiday routine.

The holidays are truly the perfect time of the year to open yourself up to some multi-cultural goodness. We have to celebrate the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles and continue to find strength in our wonderful diversity within the community. Here’s hoping that you all have a wonderful holiday season!




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Time to Experience Some Stranger Things

Even if you haven’t seen it yourself, you’re probably familiar with the Netflix craze that is Stranger Things. And if you haven’t seen it you should remedy that problem post haste. The series grabs viewers with it’s clever 80s nostalgia, addicting story, and great cast of characters. However, it also sports a synth-infused 80s score that transports you right back into the Reagan years. I am clearly a big fan of Stranger Things and all the things that make it up. While it can be a little scary and “strange” for some, it’s well worth any trepidation you might have.

PC Jackie Lee Young

Pictured above are the masterminds behind the music of Stranger Things, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. They are part of the Austin-based synthwave band “Survive,” and they are coming to the Ace Hotel. The duo will perform at the great Gothic auditorium venue in the Ace Hotel on this upcoming Wednesday, Nov. 8th. Finally, the shindig starts at 9:00pm. I know there may be some resistance because it’s in the middle of the work week, but I’m sure experiencing some stranger things will be well worth the moderately late night.

And here is a link to the website where you can purchase tickets to the event. Happy weekend everyone, hopefully you enjoy the show!

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The xx Comes to the Santa Barbara Bowl

The xx is coming to the Santa Barbara Bowl on Wednesday the 27th at 7:00pm. The xx, another up-and-coming band that hails from London,  are known for their unique genre-bending sound. In fact, some argue that it is a mix of indie pop, indie electronic, dream pop, and electronic rock. And if you so happen to be a bit unfamiliar with what exactly that mix sounds like, here is a perfect example of one of their most well-known atmospheric instrumentals.

I promise you that they do also have music with lyrics just in case you find the prospect of pure instrumentals a little unsettling. Here is another video that displays the band’s unique sound and creativity within an inventive music video. (Slight Warning: the music video has a brief shot of a male’s posterior area, aka butt.) Nevertheless, the song is excellent, the video is quite cinematic and the whole thing is worthy of a watch/listen)

This is a great opportunity to check out this exciting band in person and at a fantastic venue. The Santa Barbara Bowl, as seen in the image below, creates the means for a sensational experience.


Here is a link where you can purchase tickets should you desire! Enjoy the music everybody!

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The Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger Rock & Roll Golf Classic 2017

All-Star Concert

After a bit of a hiatus, Concierge 101 is back. And this time I’m here to tell you about an exciting and charitable event going down this weekend.

The 27th and 28th of the month brings a tremendous charitable event to the Southland. World-renowned sports artist, Scott Medlock, and Robby Krieger, the legendary musician of The Doors, will yet again join forces. This time for the 10th rendition of their charity concert and golfing event. Furthermore, the proceeds from the event will benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

On Sunday the 27th  at 5:30pm, guests will make their way to the gorgeous Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. Once there fantastic food tastings from Mastro’s Steakhouse and Pierre’s Catering, among others, awaits. In the meantime, you will be kept cool and refreshed with some tasty drinks. Special cocktails from Casamigo’s Tequila, and wine from Malibu Family Wines, promise to keep the warm summer evening at bay.

However, beyond the great food and drink offerings, the event will bring you some fantastic classic rock & roll from a star-studded roster of performers that includes Robby Krieger (The Doors), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Orianthi (Michael Jackson), Doug Kershaw, and Nancy Wilson (Heart).

Then at 9:30am on Monday the 28th, the 2nd half of the Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger Rock & Roll Golf Classic event moves down to the North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village. Golfers will be provided with breakfast, golf carts, player gift bags, lunch, and the chance to win some amazing giveaways. And ultimately, the most important aspect of the event is that it benefits a tremendous charitable organization. If you would like more information about the Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger Rock & Roll Golf Classic, you can find a link to their website right here.

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The 2nd Annual Climate Day LA Celebration

Tomorrow, June 27th, the second annual Climate Day LA celebration comes to the Ace Hotel. First, there are two parts to this event, one of which is free and open to everyone. However, the other part requires a bit more of a financial commitment to attend. Tickets for the gala will cost $150 per ticket. Although, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Second, the event will bring together several speakers from the local community. The keynote speaker will be LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. In addition, there will be multiple panel discussions. It may not sound like the most thrilling event to attend, but the subject matter is truly important. The event will bring together over 1,500 local leaders, advocates, and locals to plan, implement, and celebrate local solutions to climate change.

And after the day of speakers, there will be a benefit gala with an exclusive performance by the award-winning artist, Moby. I’m a big fan of Moby and applaud his support for the planet. Climate Day LA also features musicians Neon Indian and Weyes Blood. Other special guests are also possibilities to attend.

Addressing the needs of the local community, the country, and the planet as a whole are unavoidable parts of the future. This celebration will help put you at the forefront of the movement. You can become the tip of the spear. This is the place to learn how you can help. Hope to see you out there!

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Game of Thrones is Coming

Winter may no longer be coming, but Game of Thrones is certainly arriving. This Thursday, March 23rd, at the legendary Forum in Inglewood, fans can listen to the sounds of Westeros. However, the man pulling the musical strings behind the show is Ramin Djawadi. And he will be accompanying a full orchestra as they recreate the iconic music.  As a tremendous fan of the show and its music, I for one, am ecstatic about this performance. If you too are a fan of this television phenomenon then you should take advantage of the opportunity to check out this incredible show. The video below will give you a little bit of a taste of what to expect.

This performance bridges some great video visuals with a fantastic musical performance. Game of Thrones has recently been announced as returning to TV sets around the world in July. I personally can’t think of a better way to reengage yourself in the experience than by going to this concert. Although, binge watching the previous 6 seasons may also be a good idea. Who will win and keep the Iron Throne? Cersei, Daenerys, Tyrion, or Jon? And lest we forget about the White Walker situation. This musical performance will most likely not discern the outcome of the show, but it’ll be a great reminder of some of its best moments. If you want some more details about the performance you can check out this link to the event website. Tickets are still available! Take a trip down to The Forum. Winter has arrived.

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A Weekend at the Ace Hotel

Some interesting things are going down this weekend at the historic Ace Hotel in DTLA. I have mentioned the Ace Hotel before, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The hotel was originally built as the flagship theater for the United Artists movie studio. So, not only will you get to check out its interesting architecture, but you can experience a little piece of Hollywood history.

Nevertheless, back to this weekend. First and foremost, on Friday the 24th, Pop-Up Magazine comes to the Ace Hotel. Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine that brings you new, true stories about film, photography, radio, and music. A group of tremendously talented people mix it all together, right in front of you on stage. For instance, best selling authors like Michael Pollan and Alice Walker, and filmmakers like Ava DuVernay, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, have attended in the past. Not to mention actors like John C Reily and Kumail Nanjiani. This event is brought to you by 89.9 KCRW, a NPR station.

Secondly, you can join Time Out Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel on Sunday for an Oscar watch party. Basically if  staying up-to-date with style and culture interests you, this is the weekend to visit the Ace. You may not be able to sit down among the Hollywood celebrities, but you can dress up and sit with other fans. This event starts at 3:30pm on Sunday. If you want details about both of these interesting events, check out the Ace Hotel’s website. Here is a link for your convenience.

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Brainfeeder at the Hollywood Bowl


This past Saturday the Hollywood Bowl was dancing to the funky electronic beats of Brainfeeder. And you’re correct, it is quite an interesting name for a concert. Nevertheless, to witness the impressive lineup of musical guests, its safe to say that my brain fed, and fed well. Fittingly, the musical guests were varied, yet united through a thematic non-mainstream appeal. The Hollywood Bowl is the perfect venue to taste the different musical dishes that Brainfeeder provides. The night was full of funk, but how that funk was achieved was quite different. The assortment of guests: Gaslamp Killer, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, George Clinton with Funkadelic, and Flying Lotus sent funky chills down our collective spines. The performances ran the gamut from electronic jazz and futuristic r&b, to instrumental hip hop and classic funk. The artists may be different, but they unite through the focus on the beat.

Brainfeeder finds its origins from the mind of headliner, Flying Lotus, a prominent member of the “Beat Scene.” He works with other musicians like Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. So while he may not have as far-reaching of name recognition, in many circles he is a pretty big deal. And I can tell you now from first-hand experience, his musical performances are quite impressive. For Flying Lotus the visuals seem to be as important as the eclectic sounds which he produces.


Moving on from the headliner, the other performers produce plenty of surprises too. Michael McDonald is probably the last person I would expect to see at a performance of this nature. Yes, that’s right, Michael McDonald, yet, there he is on stage. I second guess the words that I hear coming into my ears when they announce him, but the sounds do not lie. So, when I say that Brainfeeder has some substantial variety, their surprise guest should serve to confirm it.

If you have never been to the Hollywood Bowl, you should check it out. This was actually my first time ever attending a concert at the venue. It will not be the last. Don’t forget to bring your own beer and wine, it’s a definite plus for the venue. The food and drink there can be on the pricier side for sure. All in all, I can talk about this incredible concert experience for a while longer, but I’ll end things here.




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