Welcome to Photoville LA

Photoville LA Is Here

A Unique Artistic Experience

Photoville LA brings the unique Photoville experience and transports it to The Southland. It takes place this upcoming weekend at The Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City. The exhibit will provide you with an intimate look into some wonderful exhibitions. The unique draw for the event is that re-purposed shipping containers, photo cubes, and lightboxes will house the exhibits in lieu of more traditional artistic housings. This creates an environment of togetherness and of separation. Each container is like its own separate art space, but also creates an obvious closeness among the observers.

This is the first time that Photoville is coming to LA and therefore there are obviously no pictures to showcase exactly what it will look like. However, there are plenty of images from their traditional New York City events and you can get a clear image of what you should expect to see (and how you should expect to see it).

More Than Just Another Pretty Picture

Photoville LA will also feature a variety of nighttime projections, talks, workshops, family-friendly activities, food vendors and a community beer garden. There’s plenty to see and enough things to do to involve the whole family. Take advantage of the better weather and get out there next weekend. Enjoy some fine art.

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A Weekend at the Ace Hotel

Some interesting things are going down this weekend at the historic Ace Hotel in DTLA. I have mentioned the Ace Hotel before, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The hotel was originally built as the flagship theater for the United Artists movie studio. So, not only will you get to check out its interesting architecture, but you can experience a little piece of Hollywood history.

Nevertheless, back to this weekend. First and foremost, on Friday the 24th, Pop-Up Magazine comes to the Ace Hotel. Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine that brings you new, true stories about film, photography, radio, and music. A group of tremendously talented people mix it all together, right in front of you on stage. For instance, best selling authors like Michael Pollan and Alice Walker, and filmmakers like Ava DuVernay, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, have attended in the past. Not to mention actors like John C Reily and Kumail Nanjiani. This event is brought to you by 89.9 KCRW, a NPR station.

Secondly, you can join Time Out Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel on Sunday for an Oscar watch party. Basically if  staying up-to-date with style and culture interests you, this is the weekend to visit the Ace. You may not be able to sit down among the Hollywood celebrities, but you can dress up and sit with other fans. This event starts at 3:30pm on Sunday. If you want details about both of these interesting events, check out the Ace Hotel’s website. Here is a link for your convenience.

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Experience sight through a Lens: Photo LA

David Steinke-Storm

Sometimes when we think of artwork we only think of paint and canvas. I know that I’ve been guilty of doing so in the past. It’s important to see the photography medium as one that is capable of capturing powerful, evocative moments. Next weekend, the international photographic art exposition, Photo LA announces its 2016 edition. Additionally, the event takes place at The Reef, located in the historic LA Mart Building in DTLA.

Tony Vaccaro- Hitler’s Window

Photo LA is known for bringing the photography and arts communities together. Equally important, they pride themselves on their focus on showing off different types of photography each year. If you have ever used your smartphone or more traditional camera to take a picture of some interesting thing, then you have a little bit of a photographer in you as well. In the light of this fact, I think we can all find some appreciation for the artwork at display. Luckily, Photo LA is a perfect place to dive into the appreciation because they are showing off the best of the best. Whether or not you are looking at 19th century work or innovative photography-based art, Photo LA has you covered.

The dates of the exhibit are Jan 13th through the 15th. The ticket price will be $30 for a three-day pass, and $20 for a single day. You don’t have to break the bank to appreciate some quality artwork. Check out the website, http://www.photola.com/home.php for more details about this great event. Dust off those cameras and find your inner auteur.

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