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Make your way down to the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend and get your nerd on. Consider this practice for the Avengers coming out next month. Whether you want to dress up like Iron Man or stay in your normal clothes, you’ll find yourself among a friendly community. The event contains a little something for everyone whether you’re more into Television or Movies. WonderCon 2019 will feature special guests, sneak previews, and Q&A Panels.

You can find all the information that you need to purchase passes right here

If you love comics or have an interest in learning more about the numerous comic book movies and television shows that are around, this is a a great opportunity. The special guests of this event encompass the industry’s heaviest hitters.

Feed Your Fandom, Feed Your Belly

Either before or after you embark on your WonderCon 2019 journey you should grab some tasty food. I found a nice spot called The Scratch Room that is located right by the convention center.

Make a day out of your Anaheim excursion. Hit up The Scratch Room and try some of their award-winning breakfast items or tasty burgers. They have a diverse menu that will whet your appetite. So, be it at WonderCon or The Scratch Room, you’ll be in for a satisfying weekend.

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The Annual Convention Returns

The Comic-Con super-fandom returns to Orange County this upcoming weekend, March 23rd – 25th. Featuring comics (of course), anime, gaming, movies and television, your inner geek should be excited. The Anaheim Convention Center will house three days jam=packed with sneak peeks, Q&As, premiere screenings, and special guests.

Whether you’ve been a comic book fan since the origins of Batman and Superman, or just recently converted because of the popularity of The Avengers, you’ll find something to enjoy at WonderCon. WonderCon isn’t quite as large as Comic-Con, but it does give visitors more intimacy with the comic creators themselves.

The event will include autograph sessions, a blood drive in order to give back to the local community, a Children’s Film Festival, and Tournaments & Demos of some of the most popular board and card games. You can certainly expect to see numerous celebrities as well. And with them, inevitably, the excited mobs of fandom that follow them around. If you’ve just watched the popular new film, Black Panther, consider this event an opportunity to meet with its comic book creators and a chance to say “Wakanda Forever” with like-minded individuals. While Saturday tickets for this three-day event have been sold out, there is still an opportunity to attend. Details for ticket purchases can be found on the event website right here. 

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